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8 Benefits Of Good Web Design

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There are different reasons why we need to improve the overall web design. Here are benefits we could obtain by ensuring high quality web design.

  1. Better appeal among clients: We should understand that visitors will directly interact with the website design and we should understand them better by providing better experience. The first thing we need to consider when creating web design is to know about their characteristics and understand how they could affect the design.
  2. Improved correlation with business functions: A website should be able to meet specified business objectives. We need a full understanding of the functions performed and the goals of the systems. We should determine the basic functions required in the business and this will directly affect our web design. We could describe user activities by performing tasks analysis. There is a conceptual model to help us to transform web design based on relevant functions inside specific companies.
  3. Better interface: Good web design will ensure well designed user interface, which reflects the capabilities and needs of the users. Web designs should be developed within specific constraints imposed by user preferences, not website owner’s preferences. This involves understanding how people could be affected by different styles of web design. There are many general design guidelines that can help us present and organize information to people.
  4. Constantly updated navigation schemes and system menus: In many websites, the design is usually menu oriented, which allows us to designate commands and apply different tasks. There are various menu structures we need to accomplish these goals and we should have an understanding on how menus should be used. We many need to include different elements of web navigations, such as search facilities, navigation aids and links.
  5. Proper types of windows: Graphical web design could be consisted of multiple windows and we should know the real function of each window. This is particularly true if our website involves a number of pop-ups. We should make sure that these pop-ups won’t be intrusive to users.
  6. Better interactions with devices: Users can have different tools to interact with our websites, such as mouse, keyboard, active stylus or touchscreen display. Good web design takes into account the characteristics of each control mechanism and make sure that users can operate them properly when visiting the website.
  7. Proper screen-based controls: Web designers need to manage an array of web controls and the task of combining and managing them on a single interface can be particularly tricky. We should make the right choice to ensure that the website can successfully interact well with users.
  8. Text is clearer: Text is still the primary way of communicating with users. Although image may equal to thousand words, it still can’t provide detailed and relevant information about specific topics. Good web design will properly emphasize on text without causing users to get overwhelmed with long blocks of text.
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