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Watching Great Shows At Ranga Shankara

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There are several theatres located in Bangalore and its outskirts. This city is known for its vibrancy and night life. People of all ages and walks of life have come down to city from all parts of the country to seek out opportunities and settle down here. People in huge numbers do love to visit the different theatres to watch their favorite plays.

Facilities on Offer

One of the most sought after and world class facility present in South Bangalore is the Ranga Shankara. This theatre facility has been dedicated towards showcasing theatrical performances that are performed by the different artistes coming from all parts of the country and abroad. They have been commissioning and producing, new, creative and innovative theatre productions and forms, to facilitate outreach programs for creating new audiences, luring them to the theatre, for imparting theatric skills.

Watching Great Shows At Ranga Shankara

This facility is considered to be a grand one and is regarded to be a commitment to theatre art, to the country’s cultural fabric along with its people, thereby bringing a wholesome lot of theatre for awakening the senses and providing immense thrill and frills. In short, this facility can be stated to be theatre alive, where plays of all types are held regularly. It is indeed a wonderful place you can visit in your leisure time to refresh and get thoroughly entertained.

The best way to know more about this place is to visit it in person and experience it. The auditorium, the plays, the wooden benches, the café, the space, the bookstore and just about anything and everything with regards to the place is said to have something about it. Rather, it can be stated that as you experience it, its soul is sure to become a part of you.

A quick look at few of the plays which are scheduled to be held in the month of May 2016 are as follows, which you can browse through to select the one which you can find interesting and visit with your family.

Kannada Play – Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen

Date: 13th & 14th May 2016 (Friday & Saturday)

Time: 7:30PM

Tickets per person: 200 rupees

This play features Prakash Belawadi, Nakul Bhaila, Siri Ravi kumar. It has been directed and designed by Parakash Belawadi and produced by Michael Frayn. It has been presented by Center For Film & Drama.

The play is said to rely upon historical factors of a particular meeting that is held between Physicists Werner Heisenberg (German) and Niels Bohr (Danish half-Jew) with the background set in Copenhagen in late September 1941, during the supremacy of Nazi power.

Kannada Play – E=mc2

The protagonist suffering some schizophrenia when trying to solve the formula E=mc2 gets into problems and how he gets out is the crux of the story. This Kannada play is both mystery and fun and will keep you glued to your seats.

Date: 17th May 2016 (Tuesday)

Time: 7:30PM

Tickets per person: 100 rupees

Kannada Play – Shraddha Mattu Stainless Steel Patregalu

Date: 22nd May 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 3:30PM

Tickets per person: 100 rupees

This play based on two writers (Srinivasa Vaidya and Vasundhendra) stories respectively portrays the perception of kids towards their parents in their growing age. It wonderfully explains the relationship of the son with his father and the way the son sees the obsession of his mother with the stainless steel utensils.

Enjoy watching them!

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