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WannaCheer Yourself Up? Buy Dog Costumes Online

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We all have times when our mood is down in the dumps and need to have something to pick us up. Sometimes it is because something did not go well at work or home, or maybe even a test we studied hard for, we simply did not the ace. Other times it might be a relationship going bad and maybe it just might be that you are in need of a mood lightener.

WannaCheer Yourself Up? Buy Dog Costumes Online

Whatever the case, the good news is that there is a range of things that you can do to get yourself back into a good mood. They range from buying dog costumes online to giving hugs that fire up the hormones in our bodies that make us happy. This list is low cost, quite effective and available for you to have at the ready anytime.  Here is a list of things to do that lift your mood.

Buy Your Dog a Costume

One wonderful idea that can immediately lift your spirits, is to do something wonderful with your dog. You can take it for a walk or sit and cuddle it. How about buying it a dog costume online? Online retailers like offer a wide selection of holiday, cute and funny costumes that are sure to make you laugh, smile and change your mood from down to way up.

There is an additional benefit from making your purchase and that is that shopping is a well-documented mood lifter. When you shop for things you love, you get even more benefits emotionally. And when you add in that you are buying something for your dog who you love, you receive the maximum benefits. So when you make the purchase you do yourself a great service, get your dog a great outfit it can wear around the house or to the dog park to show its friend, and you raise your happiness index.

Give a Hug

Another great idea is to get a hug from someone you love. It is a little known medical fact that hugs have can improve your heart rate and boost levels of oxytocin in your brain. This hormone tied to both you feeling good and reducing your stress levels.

The great part is that it does not matter who you hug. It can be a partner, family member, friend or stranger whoever it is will bring you great benefits in the happy department. You can even hug your dog to get similar benefits.

In fact, you can reduce your bleed pressure by 10% if you spend 15 minutes playing and cuddling with you dog. This exercise releases the hormones serotonin and prolactin that can trigger relaxation and improve your mood.

The important part about lifting your mood is believing that it can happen and then taking an action to make it happen. Many people remain depressed because they truly believe that they cannot be happy. So first leave a small door open that it is possible and then take an action like the ones listed here or dozens of others available. If you do, soon you will forget that you were unhappy.

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