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Spreader Beam Vs Lifting Beam Design

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Spreader beam and lifting beam are two major beam designs that act perfect as a low-height solutions for indoor lifts as well as places with low headroom. Lifting beams are effectively used when the lifting points on the load are all in-line.

A lifting beam design is a versatile method of offering two or more lifting points to the lifting equipment hook to make it compatible to the diverse position of the lifting points on the load. The way in which forces are transmitted differentiate a spreader beam from a basic lifting beam.

Technically, a lifting beam design contains a single lifting eye over the beam that connects the load by making an engagement of the lifting machine hook and lower lifting eyes at points exist on the underside on the beam.

On the other side, a spreader beam is like a strut loaded in compression. It contains a suspension sling to connect the hook of a lifting machine to the spreader end points, which is then connected to the load. This entire process enables a sling to lift.

Spreader Beam Vs Lifting Beam Design

Lifting beams comes with adjustable lifting points that can be moved across the beam to match with the specific load. Similarly, spreaders are manufactured in the form of modules that are assembled into the necessary specifications.

Diverse Application Areas

Lifting beams are suitably used for application areas where the load is tilted intentionally. Here, the top suspension eye position is adjusted to work in compliance with the centre of gravity of the load.

Both lifting beams and spreader beams work best with the limited headroom. When the attachment points on the load are above the centre of gravity, it ensures load to hang in a fixed position.

But, when a spreader or lifting beam is connected via slings to the load, the sling position usually remains below the centre of gravity. This needs special attention to attain load stability when it is lifted.

Key Considerations to Make for Choosing a Lifting Beam Design

  • Keep an eagle eye on all the application requirements to reduce headroom or to enable special load attachments in any lifting operation.
  • Centre of gravity is another noticeable factor for the load is to be lifted along with other attached accessories like hooks, magnets or shackles.
  • Capacity of the beam and individual lifting points need to be calculated for better results.

Lifting and spreader beam hire can be a good option during any lifting practice as being an economical yet versatile load handling alternative. It is a lightweight and portable lifting equipment that guarantees its swift use.

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