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Travel Nursing Is One Of Today’s High Demand Jobs

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Students today are challenged to pick careers that will guarantee them steady work and good salaries. Many of the jobs that students hose in the late 1990s and early 2000s including computer data entry, agriculture, food service, textiles and garment manufacturing, and realty are drying up or overfilled. As a result, many from these time periods find themselves either struggling to find work or working in fields that are completely out of their school majors.

Travel Nursing Is One Of Today’s High Demand Jobs

To make sure that this does not happen going forward, students need to be aware of where job trends are going so they can get the appropriate training to be in line and fill those positions. Travel nursing jobs are a part of the list of hot jobs for the next few decade. Here are a few others.

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a nurse that takes temporary jobs away from her home location. They utilize agencies that find them jobs all around the world. These jobs might be at hospitals, clinics, nursing and hospice homes, and in private homes. As baby boomers have reached old age, the need for nurses has exploded and there are currently hundreds of thousands of nurse jobs around the world currently not filled.

Many travel nurse jobs are in first world countries that have seen their population growth stagnate. As a result, nurses are recruited from places like South East Asia and South America and sent on assignment, sometimes to other cities in their own country and other times to other countries. The prospects for travel nurse jobs are very high because of aging populations and so anyone with a nursing degree will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Data Analyst

As computer technology has become the center of our daily lives, many jobs associated with that industry are booming and will continue to boom into the future. Data Analysts use their skills in coding and testing to analyze, manipulate, and securely store data.With an increasing amount of data being created and much of it going to the cloud, the need for data analysts has exploded. The future is very bright in terms of job prospects and as new technology including the emergence of bots, artificial intelligence computing on the horizon, there is no shortage of work for data analysts.

Human Resources Manager

The role of the HR manager has morphed into a completely new position. HR managers used to focus primarily on interviewing and overseeing the hiring of employees. Today they are strategic employees who work with senior management to anticipate the needs of the company and its employees. They are in essence the front lines in regards to employee management and relations and as such are charged with recognizing any key employee issues that need attention before they become problems. A good HR person must have great organizational, information management and customer service skills, and be a forward thinker who can work in a fast changing environment and who excels at employee retention.

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