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Utilize The Windows Dedicated Hosting For A Better Business

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Dedicated servers are normally preferred by large companies that have huge traffic movement and those looking for more security. These businesses are those that have outgrown the other options of VPS hosting and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is provided on both Linux and Windows operating system. Websites that run on .NET, ASP, Microsoft Access, MSSQL etc and other Windows technologies have to go in for the Windows dedicated hosting. The service providers’ offer managed dedicated server options. This makes it convenient for businesses that are lacking in technical competence but still need the space and other resources. The companies that have their own technical staff can opt for the self managed dedicated hosting.

Utilize The Windows Dedicated Hosting For A Better Business

Features of dedicated server hosting:

The dedicated server gives the client complete ownership to the server. All the resources like RAM, bandwidth, CPU, hard drives that come with the server too are under the control of the client till the lease period is valid. The client has full liberty to customize the server as per their business requirements. The hosts offer Windows dedicated hosting plans with some attractive features that makes it quite cost-effective and affordable. Windows hosting supports Microsoft applications and offers a few attractive features like

• The client can utilize the Microsoft FrontPage web design tool popularly called WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) web page creator to create the front page and upload it to the site
• Use the ASP web designer framework to create dynamic content pages
• Use the .NET software framework to find solutions like connectivity, security, apps development
• Windows Streaming Media that offers audio/video in movie and band related sites
• Data base management with the MS SQL Server.

Advantages of dedicated hosting:

With windows dedicated hosting, the client gets to enjoy long term benefits and privileges like
• Access to the best of hardware like processors, RAM, Switches and Routers, Plesk and redundant power supplies
• Lots of applications that can be installed with the One Click technology
• Access to distribute DNS infrastructure that allows unlimited sub-domains and email accounts.

• The customers get round the clock expert support who will instantly reply to any queries or issues. They support with video tutorials, forums and many more
 free rebooting and root access to the server
 The support team sets up the server, provides regular checkups with automated monitoring and curbs and detect and fix any problematic issues before they crop up and stop the smooth functioning of the business.

Managed or unmanaged server hosting:

In managed Windows dedicated hosting the host is responsible for managing and maintaining the resources, control panel, operating system server setup and the hardware and pre-installed software applications. The client is guaranteed of getting high performance and maximum uptime with services like antivirus, data encryption, intrusion prevention backups, firewalls, updates and proactive monitoring. The technical support team is available round the clock. In unmanaged b the host provides limited technical support only to the server and the pre-installed applications. The customer will have to have their own Windows qualified technical team to manage and run the server.

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