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Understanding The Threats To Your Network

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While technology makes many aspects of owning a business easier, you also need to take steps to prevent your network from being breached by malware and non-malware attacks. Stopping a non-malware attack is different than stopping one malicious file, so having corporate malware protection goes a long way in keeping your business safe and running efficiently every day. Here are a few ways to get the best protection for your network.

Understanding The Threats To Your Network

Stop Malware and Non-Malware Attacks

 Malware is software that is introduced to a computer in the network with the intention of damaging, disabling, or taking data from the system. The most common type of virus protection prevents malware from infecting your network. A malware protection company works to identify the malicious file, preventsit from executing, and removes it from your network. However, 53% of breaches occur during non-malware attacks, which leverage trusted applications and processes to infiltrate the system. Carbon Black’s software analyzes entire sequences to uncover and prevent non-malware threats.

Monitor in Real Time

 Because of the covert nature of non-malware attacks, it is important to have a way to monitor your entire system for potential breaches. Continuous and centralized recording of all activity in the network gives you complete visibility into the attack. By seeing the chain of events as it plays out, you can visualize what the attackers are trying to do and shut it down before they succeed. Cloud-powered, automated threat hunting keeps tracking threats at all times.

Use a Lightweight Agent

 Corporate malware protection needs to have quick deployment capabilities that don’t have a negative impact on your customer experience. The Carbon Black agent can be deployed in 15 minutes or less and uses less than 1% CPU and disk space. While you and your malware protection company are working to prevent an attack, your users can happily continue using your site with no negative effects to its performance.

Keep Up with Compliance

 Security updates should be regularly deployed to your network to maintain the best protection, but sometimes businesses are unable to follow traditional patching policies. Compensating control is offered as an alternative to help meet the minimum security requirements. Through powerful change control and whitelisting, you can protect critical and end-of-life systems that would otherwise be vulnerable to an attack.

Prevent Unwanted Changes

Malware protection automatically allows applications that have been pre-approved to run and update seamlessly, but any other potentially unwanted applications are blocked. Attackers try to gain control by making changes to your system configuration, allowing them access to sensitive data. By blocking all unknown applications, you have a head start in preventing attackers from altering your system on both the kernel and user mode levels.

Understand the Data Environment

 By understanding the way your system works, you will have a better sense when something is wrong. Corporate malware protection allows you to see your company’s data and where it’s stored. You are also aware of which users are accessing the data.Having knowledge of the data patterns and web traffic on your site makes it easier to identify suspicious activity and potential threats.

Working with a malware protection company gives you many advantages when it comes to preventing cyber attacks. Stay one step ahead of sophisticated hackers and keep your business running smoothly by using state-of-the-art malware protection.

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