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Under Tito’s Trail – On A Bar Hopping Spree In Goa

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With popular nightclubs including Cafe Mambo’s, Cape Town Cafe, Retro Bar, Cocktails and Dreams, Kamaki and Club Bollywood, Tito’s caters to some tremendous selection of international and local tourists visiting Goa. Here are some of the popular resto-bars under the Tito’s shade that you should definitely visit.

Under Tito’s Trail - On A Bar Hopping Spree In Goa

The Retro Bar – This club is famous for the extensive variety of latest classic rock, hip hop and pop music. What’s more, the visitors are given an opportunity to unwind and go through the retro age by the big lounge space. The Retro Bar also offers a private top floor, where visitors may have a game of foosball or pool. Don’t forget to check out the Delhi to Goa or Bangalore to Goa flights lowest fare.

Club Bollywood – Also called the Club of Tito, this can be among the most famous clubs in Goa. As the name implies, Club Bollywood primarily caters to Bollywood and commercial buffs, having a huge dance floor to accommodate all of the guests. Just like the Retro Bar, Club Bollywood also offers a private space with another pub as well as tables.

Cafe Mambo – It has remained the top position in the tourist itineraries and is the most used nightclub in Goa. It caters to a varied mixture of visitors, from Indians all together with the purpose of partying till the early hours of morning, to Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, English, Swedish and Danish. Cafe Mambo also often sponsor events which have many local and international DJ’s. Each night is dedicated to another music genre of music like hip hop, rock, house etc. Their tagline ‘Where the world comes together’ is entirely suitable as that is where an enormous mix of international tourists and locals, weekenders arrive at party.

Cape Town Cafe – Another popular pub in Goa, Cape Town Cafe is just one of the coolest places. Using a high tech sound system as well as an ideal mixture of local and international music artists, Cape Town Cafe has given a fresh contour to clubbing in Goa. Also, an astonishing ambience and tasty food, with enormous LCD screens for soccer games, private places; Cape Town Cafe is a must-visit in Goa.

Cocktails and Dreams – Situated on the Lane of Tito, Dreams and Cocktails is the only club with the exclusive cocktail bar as well as modern sound and light system in Goa. It’s run Amar Odedra by Ricardo D’souza, Simon Rebello, Vishal Fatnani and Umesh Modhwadia. The friendly and exciting feeling over here definitely lights up the area, where you are able to either relax and revel in the tasty cocktails or just view the barmen flare up the drinks. In case you’re wondering how to reach Goa to enjoy this amazing place, the beach state is well connected via flights, trains and buses and you won’t find any difficulty to reach.

Kamaki – The best characteristic relating to this club is the fact that when you step inside it, you’ll be entranced by loud music and the impressive Greek ambience. It’s among the clubs in Goa which is open through the night; thus, partying over will undoubtedly be a never ending experience. From an extensive variety of both international and local spirits to delectable Continental, Asian, Indian and Goan cuisine, this club has it all. Above all, the best part about each one of these clubs is the amount of security they have. David and Ricardo ensure that every guest gets the time in their lives and nothing keeps them from doing this.

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