Top 10 Spies of the World

Whether it is the time of war or not, spies play an important role in gathering information. However, some spies act as double agents gathering information for the other nations. Here is a list of the top ten spies of the world: 10. Allan Pinkerton A Scottish detective, Allan was known for his detective techniques… Continue reading Top 10 Spies of the World

10 Most Depressed Scientists

Depressed people are often in a state of low mood and they tend to avoid activities that trigger specific feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Depressed people often feel restless, irritable, guilty, worthless, helpless, worried, empty, anxious and sad. Unfortunately, depression and brilliance can go hand in hand. These are ten incredibly talented people who are overcome… Continue reading 10 Most Depressed Scientists

10 Famous Child Singers

There’s always something about children’s voice and they often catch our attention with only simple tunes. Many young children have captured our hearts and imagination with their incredible voice. They may be young but many of their songs are still resonating to this day. These are ten famous child singers in the music industry: 10.… Continue reading 10 Famous Child Singers

10 Most Famous Classical Composers of All Time

In the past few millennia, music has gone really far. It started as basic tunes sung by lonely hunters at night to complex works of great classical composers. Classical composers have brought us wonderful works that serve both as inspirational and educational subjects. Their exceptional talents for composition represent musical excellence and achievements. These are… Continue reading 10 Most Famous Classical Composers of All Time

10 Least Attractive Female Celebrities

Any woman, including female celebrities wants to be seen as irresistible by the general public. They want people to get all over them, but Mother Nature may want otherwise. Female celebrities in this list may not be the most attractive, but they managed to gain the celebrity status through various means. 10. Camilla Parker Camilla… Continue reading 10 Least Attractive Female Celebrities

10 Hollywood Movie Stars That Should Get an Oscar

It may not seem fair, but during its 84-year history; the Academy Awards events have left in their wake many amazing actors and actress that should win an Oscar, but went home without the shiny golden guy. These are ten of them: 10. Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr was a Scottish TV and film actress, who… Continue reading 10 Hollywood Movie Stars That Should Get an Oscar

10 Worst Traders of All Time

Encouraged by their past success, some traders are compelled to act recklessly and independently of others – often to the detriment of the firm that employs them, clients and many other unsuspecting individuals. In the trading world, huge profit can be achieved through high risk investments and these what happen when things go wrong: 10.… Continue reading 10 Worst Traders of All Time

Top 10 Most Unusual Jobs

In the midst of the economic turmoil that is plaguing many countries today, it is not surprising that there will be people who are laid-off from their jobs. As this might be the case, some people are being resourceful and are willing to take any job even if that job is weird or unusual. The… Continue reading Top 10 Most Unusual Jobs

Top 10 Greatest Women Military Leaders

Some women have been portrayed as great warriors and leaders in popular culture and they become subjects of literary studies, history, folklore, mythology and film. These are ten greatest real-life women military leaders recorded in history: 10. Gudit Gudit, Yodit or Judith is a non-Christian and near-mythical military leader, who eradicated the Queen Sheba’s descendants,… Continue reading Top 10 Greatest Women Military Leaders

Top 10 Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Approaching Women

Developing a relationship might not be difficult but maintaining it can be. Often men, when on their first dates show over-the-top reactions which not only irritate women but also put them off. Therefore, here are the top ten mistakes that men should avoid making when meeting women: 10. Being too nice Often handsome men think… Continue reading Top 10 Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Approaching Women