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4 Growing Niches For Podcasters In 2020

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Many people and businesses are using podcasts to voice their opinions on relevant topics and to build their brand. Users can gain access to your show from all over the world at different times. When it comes to finding your niche, you should narrow down your focus and choose content that interest subscribers. Below you will find some of the growing niches for podcasters in 2020.


Staying fit and eating nutritious meals and snacks are a big trend in 2020, which is why podcasts about living a healthy lifestyle are in demand. People want to receive helpful tips about staying physically fit, and they turn to podcasters for useful information. While driving home from work or on their off days when they are ready to hit the gym, a subscriber may download your show to find the latest statistics about healthy living and what foods or exercises should be worth adding to their daily diet and weekly workout.


With so many people looking to start small businesses in the year 2020 and beyond, the entrepreneurial niche is one that still makes it to the top of the list for subscribers. The listeners want to hear facts about small businesses, including startup tips, success stories, entrepreneurship nightmares, and opinions from someone with their own business, such as a podcaster.

Positivity Goes a Long Way

When subscribers tune into your podcast or download the file, they are not only searching for answers to topics of interest; they are tuning in to escape some of the challenges in their daily lives. This is why positive podcasts are a huge trend in 2020. You could talk about integrity, meditation, and goal-setting. These are topics that motivate people and help them relax; it gives them a break from the hardships of reality and allows them to regroup. After listening to the positive discussions on your show, they can go back into the world recharged and ready to take on their next challenge.


Everyone is looking for adventure, but they want to hear more about the locations before they decide to book flights or pack up their cars. Therefore, subscribers could end up on your podcast if you have a travel niche. The good news is that you can create content on places you have never visited, as long as you do a little research. Be sure to search the top traveling trends; if you have friends or family who have gone to these places, have them guest host to give you more credibility.

Keep in mind that your content will change regularly, but it is crucial to choose a niche because it can help subscribers find your podcast. Once you select a niche, look for ways to make it your own and stand out amongst the crowd.

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