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Top Fashion Trends For Winter 2023

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We’re now in 2023 and it’s time to start looking at what this year is going to bring for fashion trends this winter. As it lasts until March, we are still seeing some of 2022s fashion trends creep into 2023, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some new ones coming out this Jan moving forward. With fashion shows being a tad hit and miss with some being cancelled, there were only two shows that could be looked at for support, these were, of course, Milan and Paris.

The brands that came to this show had to make it big, bold and innovative, so it is no surprise there was a combination of items that have never been seen on a man’s winter catwalk show. We would never recommend following trends. In the world we live in, trends come and go and often end up being thrown away after a couple of wears.

Instead, the people who are truly fashion focused opt for timeless designs and are able to differentiate between what is here to stay, and what will be gone next season. In this article, we will go through some of the fashion trends that will be here this winter and more into this year, as well as some trends that could redefine men’s fashion for the better. 

Relaxed Suits

If there is one thing that has been left in the dark ages, it’s skinny wear. Skinny everything has been in fashion for over a decade, and it’s time for a change. Yes, it looked great when you were a tween and yes, a good pair of skinny jeans look great with a range of outfits. Skinny suits also made you look more defined and sleek but be honest with yourself, could you move much? Were you comfortable? I didn’t think so. The pandemic did a lot to this world in so many ways, but it also changed fashion for the better. More people than ever prefer comfort over tight-fitting clothes, and this is why everything is widening out a little. 

This is especially the case with suits! Not oversized, but slightly relaxed. This doesn’t mean you can’t get them tailored though, you don’t want anything dragging on the floor or being too big to not see your silhouette. Think of the 40s and 50s styles where they were more relaxed, but also defined certain areas. If you are on the hunt for a new suit, tailored is far more on trend than skinny and this will definitely be here to stay for many years. 


Sweatpants and joggers have certainly come into a style of their own in recent years. This is also another trend that has come from the pandemic. With more people than ever wanting comfort, sweatpants have been redefined in a range of styles. From floor-length loose fittings, tapers or conched ankles, they have definitely been implemented with some unforeseen items to smarten them up. 

They are not only used for lounging in with your premium hoodie but they are also combined with thick knits, blazers and even boots instead of sneakers. They really have come into a fashion statement of their own and with innovative accompaniments, they will be staying on trend for a good while.

The male manicure 

Inclusivity has seriously improved the world for the better in many forms for all social groups and classes, yes there is a long way to go for full inclusivity, but there are certainly small steps that are being made. One of the big questions that have been apparent in recent years is whether men should be painting their nails, the answer is why the hell not? If you want to give it a try, then do it! Whether you want something to match your outfit or something more different with a range of colours, this trend is not only for women anymore. 

Obviously, some will be more comfortable with blacks or greys to start, but see how you feel and if you own it, well it’s all good. In the next couple of years, this will be becoming much more popular and you will a lot more of it. DIY at home or even go to the salon with your friends or partner for a more professional aesthetic. 


Cargos have had a bad reputation for a while and were seen as an old dad’s garment, but in recent years, with the 90s trends coming back around, cargos are one of the coolest things about this winter.

From parachute trousers to tech cargos, they are coming in a range of styles, materials and colours that would not have been about in the 90s, some would say they have even been refreshed and redefined. 

They have increased in popularity by over 100% in the past couple of months with this trend being picked up mostly by Gen Z with the growing trend of streetwear being very apparent. 


Varsity has always had the stigma of being for the elite and preppy aesthetic of ivy league colleges, but the trend of the varsity has come a long way and has been redefined in a range of ways. 

With top designers and streetwear brands moving the design into a new direction, the style has now been incorporated into graphic tees, hats, knitwear and of course, new prints on the classic varsity jacket with the likes of Nigo incorporating the style for Kenzo and Virgil Abloah incorporating this trend into Louise Vuitton, the streetwear attire has now been redefined and improved. 

This is going to be a significant trend to be following in the coming years and it is going to be interesting to see how other luxury brands like Ronnie Fiegs, Kith brand and Aime Leon Dore will implement this into tier ranges. 

Fuzzy Fleece

Streetwear has gained its popularity from Gen Z and in recent years, this is all you see on the streets from this generation. Outdoor brands have become synonymous with streetwear and has seriously impacted the garments that most are wearing. From tech cargos and rainjackets to the famous fleece that nobody would be caught dead in a couple of years ago. The sweater fleece has come in a range of colours and patterns and are much more widely accepted in the fashion industry. With top designers such as Supreme, Louis Vuitton and Gucci all collaborating with the likes of Patagonia and The North Face, it has become a huge trend this winter and will continue for many more.

There are many fashion trends out this winter, and not all will resonate with you. As we said earlier, the true fashionista is the one who can differentiate what is going to be timeless, and what is going to be left in the dark next year. Building your wardrobe is an investment, so choose wisely and build your personal style. 

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