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Top Reasons Why Truck Accident Occurs

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Accidents by trucks and other commercial vehicles can be traumatic for people walking on roads, drivers, or riders and passengers of lighter, smaller vehicles. Being involved in an accident with a truck is not same as being in with another transport vehicle. Not only the damages or injuries of these heavy vehicles are severe, but the cases are more complicated as well. Although, these serious accidents could have been prevented if the driver or owner of the truck has taken essential steps or/and followed rules made to promotes safety on road.

While nature plays a critical role in some accidents, most other causes can be avoided if the truck operator or driver and the companies behind them were not so careless. The list mentioned below can help you identify the top reasons why the truck accident occurs.

Top Reasons Why Truck Accident Occurs


A heavy loaded truck that speeds or fails to follow the traffic laws or rules puts other drivers and people on road in danger. Many commercial truck accidents are mostly caused by the excessive speed with dangerous lane charges and trucks following other passenger vehicles too closely.


While commercial truck drivers are not supposed to drive for long hours, but many of them do anyway. Many truck drivers have strict delivery deadlines and are paid according to their performance. That is why driver fatigue and sleep deprivation are some of the top reasons for most of the serious truck accidents.


If a truck is not designed well or has defected parts installed, such as low-quality engines, tires or brakes, automatically the chances of accidents become high. The truck’s manufacturers and designers may also be liable and answerable for resulting defects or damages.


Bad weather is another common reason behind truck accidents. Extreme wind, snow, heavy rain and ice make it very difficult for drivers to maintain a safe and defensive driving. Truck drivers tend to lose control and cause smash up with other vehicles that severely injure others.


An improper or inadequate commercial truck driver lacks skills in safe driving. Also handling safety measures and the vehicle itself is always a dangerous situation or high risk to other drivers, motorists or pedestrians on the road. If a driver is a first-timer or lacks proper training in how to handle a commercial truck, that inexperience can lead to severe collisions.


Most of the truck drivers turn to drugs, alcohol or other substance to cope with their lifestyles and habits. Unfortunately, this thing also leads to severe collisions despite the laws regulates substance abuse.


Overloading is another biggest cause of truck accidents. There are many ways that cargo can cause a collision. It might be mislabelled or risky, leading to a big explosion. If the weight of cargo is poorly loaded or not distributed properly, the driver can lose control over driving and the truck could even flip on the road, causing a rollover accident.

Commercial truck accidents can cause serious injuries, property damage and even death. If you have been involved in a truck accident, don’t forget to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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