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5 Essential Streetwear Items Every Staple Wardrobe Needs

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So many people are now focusing on building a more sustainable wardrobe by building a staple wardrobe with timeless pieces that are never going to go out of style. This helps the environment, and when you are buying less often, you have more money to buy better quality pieces that will last longer and have less of an impact on the environment. So, we are here to introduce you to a few essentials that every wardrobe needs so you always have the freshest streetwear look on hand! 


A Neutral Tracksuit

First up, we have an absolute essential, a neutral tracksuit. Having a neutral coloured tracksuit in your wardrobe is a must, as you can wear it as a whole tracksuit for an effortlessly stylish look, you can pair the joggers with different hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts and you can also pair the hoodie with jeans to dress it up slightly. Going for something neutral means that it will go with literally anything! 

This is a piece that is worth investing in, as you will get so much use out of it. If you have a designer budget, then tracksuits from Gods Gift are some of the best quality out there right now, or go for the classic designers like Louis Vuitton or Dior. However, there are also some great tracksuits out there if your budget isn’t as high. Overall, this should always be the first staple in your streetwear wardrobe as there is simply so much you can do with it. 


A White T-Shirt

Next up we have a white t-shirt, a wardrobe staple that any outfit can easily be built around. Style it with the joggers from your tracksuit or layer under hoodies for the cooler months. For a smart casual look, tuck your white t-shirt into a pair of cargos. You will never struggle to find a great outfit with a good quality white t-shirt, as they are so diverse. Again, this is worth investing in, as it can last you for years. 


White Trainers

Moving onto accessories, we have a pair of white trainers. White trainers can be styled with any streetwear look, so whilst you’ll probably have edgier pairs of trainers, you need this staple always! The number of white trainers out there is endless, so you will be able to find the perfect pair that suits your style and your budget. You could mix them up with colourful laces if you’d like or get a custom pair with unique detailing that gives them that edge. 


A Cap and Beanie

A cap is always a must when it comes to streetwear, as it can be just what an outfit needs to give it that extra edge that might be missing. Ideal for Spring and Summer, go for something simple or get creative with something bolder and brighter. 

Swap this out for a beanie in the winter months, so you’ll never have to compromise on style for comfort! 


Graphic Tees

Last but not least we have graphic tees, an edgy addition to any streetwear wardrobe. Whilst we love simple basics that you can mix and match with anything you want, having a few pieces you really love is always advised, and graphic tees are just that. Find something that suits your style perfectly, as there are so many great options that are great quality and look incredible. Add some character to your wardrobe with these graphic tees!

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