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Top 5 Benefits Of Car Leasing

2 Mins read

With auto finance now accounting for the majority of cars on UK roads, it’s no surprise that many people are wanting to know the benefits of finance versus purchasing. There are a couple of forms of car finance and leasing is one of them that remains an extremely popular choice. In this article we will go through why car leasing is a cheaper alternative to buying a car.

  1. You get to drive a brand-new car

99.9% of people would prefer a new car compared to a used. With car leasing you will always get a new car with minimal mileage, apart from the mileage used to test the car is safe and functional. Driving a new and modern car brings with it all the perks you would imagine one comes with. Perks such as the best reliability, the latest safety features and no hidden costs.

  1. Drive a car that would usually be too expensive to buy

These days a premium Audi or Volkswagen would cost an arm and a leg. With leasing that isn’t the case. Thanks to cheaper rates across the entire industry, you can now get a £50,000 Audi for less than £350 per month on a 4-year contract. This means you can keep with the Joneses without driving yourself into an unescapable debt pit.

  1. Avoid the hassle of MoT checks and tax payments

With leasing you can have up to a maximum of 4 years rental. If you want to avoid paying for your MoT then you simply get a 2-year rental contract and this will avoid the MoT. An MoT is due after your car is 3 years old. Tax payments are spread out bundled into your monthly payments by the finance company. This means you never need to worry about taxing your car each year for the entire duration of your contract.

  1. Avoid going into dealerships

Some people hate the dealership experience, as you will be constantly pestered by sales and other team members that want you to purchase. Leasing is doing entirely online and the vehicle is delivered straight to your doorstep. This means you can avoid the dealership hassle and pressuring sales tactics they employ. A quick an easy way to find car leasing special offers is to visit their website and see their prices.

  1. Avoid sudden big cash spending

Thanks to your car being new, you will avoid those money pit used cars that suddenly break 2 months after you’ve bought them. With all seen it before where you or your friends buy a £3,000 used car, only for something to break 2 months later. You take it to the garage and they tell you the cost will be £2,000 to fix. Not only is this an unexpected amount you’ll have to spend fixing it, but your car will be sat in the garage unusable for the next month. Talk about inconveniencing! With car leasing you will never need to worry about your brand-new car being a money pit!

And there you have it. 5 excellent reasons to lease a car instead of buying!

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