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Top 10 Ways To Quickly and Easily Get Gift Packaged

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Preparing a gift for someone you care requires more effort than just selecting the most suitable item. Indeed the selection process could take a long time, but the one which will make a good impression is how you will deliver the item. A gift package shows your affection towards that someone and it shows how you value your relationship between you two. Meanwhile packaging a gift doesn’t always require you to provide so much time, actually you can use simple ways and it will still look so special. Here are the top 10 ways to quickly and easily get gift packaged:

  • Pleasant surprise: Put your gift inside a common brown carrier bag and leave them on his / her table, let it be a surprise when opened!
  • Elegant style: Use a small glossy laminated gift bag to store the item, you may add additional wrapping inside and give it right away.
  • Small but sweet: Attach a small bowtie at one of the corners or in the middle of the wrapping, it is not much, but you can still feel the sweetness flowing just from a bowtie!
  • Another surprise: Use a huge laminated gift bag for a small gift, well, not really a surprise everyone would expect, but it works and sounds a lot of fun!

Top 10 Ways To Quickly and Easily Get Gift Packaged

  • Don’t eat: Do it the Asian way, use a gift bag from food stores (not the smelly one of course) to pack your gift and give the unexpected situation to your friend
  • Nesting doll style or the Matryoshka doll style: Use multiple gift bags to store the item and let him / her open the bag one by one.
  • Never give up: Use multiple gloss laminated gift bags to create false gift options and let him / her choose which one to take until there is no more!
  • True gift box: Just tie your gift with a ribbon and make a simple knot on the top. You can use more than one ribbons to make various colour and more exciting appearance.
  • Especially for you: Order a custom gift bag with his / her photo printed on, put it in a safe place where he / she would be able to see the bag clearly. At the time they see the bag, they will realise that it is a surprise from someone who cares for them!
  • Wrong item: Prepare two gift bags, one is your gift, and the other is an item that would totally be useless for him / her. Give the wrong item first, and when disappointment comes, surprise with the real one!
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