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Things To Keep In Mind Befor Buying Any Powerbank

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We always know that packing in the important part of the trip. There are few essential for the packing and the main component is power bank. Without power bank, one cannot think of travelling. As we see, that people are always glued on to their smartphones, which have high battery consumption due to high usage of various apps and online surfing.

Smartphones are easy to handle, and even for booking a cab, either it’s Ola or Uber, we don’t prefer to open hefty laptops, instead prefer smartphones.

The main reason for drainage of a battery of a smartphone is due to excessive usage and which in due course have become a necessity. Apart from questioning, the usability, power banks were introduced. It means that whenever your smartphone is deprived of the battery than one thing which will save your day is POWER BANKS.

Things To Keep In Mind Befor Buying Any Powerbank

Things to keep in mind while buying power bank

  1. Capacity – There are various versions of power bank available in the market but the power ranges from 2000 mAh to 10,000 mAh and some are even more up to 26,000 mAh. It depends on the device which you are charging, higher power is used for the devices like tablets.
  2. USB Port – Technically, USB port of the power bank should fit any device cable, but one needs to check beforehand. One more thing, which can vary is the amount of power flow. In some power banks, there are a couple of USB ports.
  3. Brand – One should look for the brand before buying power bank as shopping never ends when the product is purchased but it also continues with the aftersales. So it is important to note the brand before buying. Oyeshoppie is one brand which one can have affirmation upon.

Over the period of time, one realises that power banks are one of the most incredible accessories and it is must have. Power banks are also coming in various shapes, sizes, colours and as discussed above capacity.The various types of power bank are Qualcomm, Power Bank with LED, Solar Power Bank, Quick Charge Power bank. Always look for power bank which would not harm your phone. It is your own portable charger, which can be carried anywhere you go. If you want, buy 20000mAh powerbank which is good and minimum to minimum 10000mAh, will able to charge the before. Generally speaking, the bigger capacity of power bank helps the phone to recharge many times.

Now, it is time for you to pick your favourite accessory from a wide range of choices from Oyeshoppie and have hassle-free travel.

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