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The Component Module Approach Is Favored For Custom Military Power Supplies

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Custom military power supplies are important for military systems designers who build power supplies from discrete components. Power supply design may be considered low-tech, but that’s why it’s a low-cost task comparatively. A custom power supply is designed and built by a specialized power manufacturer. It is thought to be result in an optimum technical solution. Custom power solutions for the military are usually more expensive and involve greater risk. That’s why the component module approach wins for custom military power supplies. Here is what you should know about the component module approach with custom military power supplies.

The Component Module Approach Is Favored For Custom Military Power Supplies

Custom Power Solutions are Expensive and Risky

Keep in mind that custom power solutions are expensive and risky. The lead times to complete these solutions are, in general, longer than off-the-shelf solutions. Typically, custom design cycles will last anywhere from six to nine months. Some of the solutions are also unpredictable because they are tailored to meet the specific needs of an organization. Even with all of the risks, custom solutions are more desirable in military applications where it’s important to have a unique design that’s reliable.

Advantages of Custom Power Supplies

Custom power solutions are often superior to discrete power solutions because designers have discovered ways to complete them with low costs, less risk, and shorter lead times but not always. The number of designs based on component power modules is small compared to other modules. Because the modular power components are manufactured in volume and require extensive testing, they are reliable in custom military applications.

Other Power Component Advantages

Modular components are available in a variety of different voltages, powers, and sizes. They can be used in COTS applications and low and high-line conditions. They can handle voltage spikes, surges, and excessive input ripple. There is a building-block design approach is both cost-effective and offers reliable performance. With compatible accessories, the design of the custom power system is enhanced. Both EMI and transient compliance for DC and AC systems to improve the functionality of the system.

There are some modules manufacturers that will facilitate the design of a custom power system. These components will complement custom power systems and offer transient compliance for both DC and AC systems. The accessories are compatible and will help designers arrive at solutions faster. Designers love the advantages of using power components.

Risks of Custom Solutions With Component Module Approach for Military Power Supplies

Military systems are at-risk for obsolescence, and that’s why it’s important to choose modules that are hot-swappable and can be easily replaced. The allure of the component module approach is because it can be easily replaced or upgraded.

The Component Module Approach is Ideal

Every military operation should consider the consider the component module approach. This approach provides some functionality that other approaches do not provide. Since government solutions are usually long term, it’s best to have a solution that’s easy to repair and upgrade. This is what the component module approach can provide. Inquire with experts to determine if the component module approach is best for you and your design efforts. For many designers of custom military power supplies, it’s an ideal approach.

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