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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 on Its Way to Hit the Battleground Soon in 2016

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The era has been blissful with all the high definition gadgets andluxury smart gadgets. Recently many new smart phones are seen which can be called as next generation phones with some stunning features like high-resolution cameras, superior quality audio and video players, fast multimedia features, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gaming zone and infrared.  To get all these in a single fling Samsung is planning to present before you the most efficient and awesome new generation smartphone with some beyond belief features and strategies which will let all the things in just a touch i.e.Galaxy Note 6

Now-a-days people imagining themselves without phone is difficult and this generation people are captivatedwith the spark of technology and always want to keep themselves updated with the newest techs for their satisfaction.Actually the present era phones are very efficient in keeping us updated about our well-being and that of the world too. The gadgets manage our daily routine, keeps a check on our health, our motion and also our commotion.

Different brands are on the row of giving different gadgets with some new stuff and similarly the renowned Korean company Samsung is in a row to come up with a new Galaxy Note 6. Its predecessor Galaxy Note 5 has been in the market doing well with many things being new in it.

Galaxy Note 6is going to be an outstanding Android Smartphone of the coming season. The Specifications and features of Galaxy Note 6 are going to be backed up with a high battery backup of about 4500 mAh with the provisions of wireless charging. Now you can keep your cameras shut in the doors of your wardrobe because Samsung is present a high resolution camera with a 30 MP rear camera and again 16 MP front shoot camera with features like auto focus and optical image stabilization.

The feature like bendable display is taking the phone to another edge. Galaxy Note 6 screen Displayis going to be 6 to 6.2 inch with the 4K and 3D resolution with a 800 ppi. The colour variation of the Note will be limited to black and white. Some striking features are going to be a part of it like the fingerprint scanner and retina scanner for a better security aspect. Galaxy Note 6 will be enclosed with the updated Android Operating System, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and connectivity provisions. The memory options will be available as 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 GBs with a RAM of 6 GB with the Octa-Core Snapdragon Qualcomm 2.9 GHz processor. Many new sensors are added to Galaxy Note 6 like shockproof, dustproof, SPO2, barometer and many more.

The features and specs of Galaxy Note 6 can make you feel like having it but you have to wait a bit as the launch date is said to be in August, 2016. So, be patient to get the best deliverance of Samsung.

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