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The Baffling Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7 Unveiled!

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When we call Samsung Galaxy S7 as a baffling Smartphone, the description is true to some extent, as there is mystery around it which has to be solved. People are speculating about its probable features and specification and the internet is full of rumours about it. Yet, everything seems to be in air as there is no precise information.

Our experts have attempted to collect data from the news, interviews and rumours and tried to frame the most precise picture of this captivating handset. Let’s study it:

Introduction: The Galaxy S7 is aforthcoming model of Samsung Galaxy S series. You might start wondering about the Samsung S6. We are very well aware of some drawbacks in it and Samsung also has understood the reasons for its under-performance. Samsung has vowed to never let it happen again. So many innovations and improvements are expected in its following model.

Time of release: The people are expecting it to get released as usual in the month of March, around the Barcelona Smartphone and tablet focused tech show. But we can expect its release even at the end of this year.

Price:Well, normally we get the exact information of the cost of the products from our retailers, once it is released in the market. Our experts have carefully studied the trend in raise in the prices, and have found it to be nearly 649 pound;there can be some more hike in price if it has curved technology.

Design: The majestic looks are the trademark of the Samsung products. The Galaxy S7 is likely to have stunning appearance in well designedmetal and steel frame.

Body (Build): Many improvements in the body of this handset are quite likely, viz. waterproof body, superiormicrosd slot andamazing battery. The curved technology is also likely in it. There are also chances to find thereversible USB Type C.

Memory: Amagnificent 4GB RAMis also possible.

Storage: The choice of internal storage could be32 and64 GB.

Processor:The faults in Snapdragon 810 were held responsible for the awfulperformance of Galaxy S6. So people are crossing their fingers to see Samsung’s own processor this time. Well Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 would be surely there in Galaxy S7 as committed by the head of the company.

Screen: We are expecting to find a fantastic 5in screen having AMOLED technology.

Extra Specifications: Samsung adds flavourto its new models with the help ofexciting gadgets and gizmos. The fingerprint scannerseems to be new addition in this upcoming model.

Camera: The chances are to see a huge camera with 16Mp sensor andmarvelous optical image stabilization.

Software:Android M and TouchWiz is seems to be preloaded inGalaxy S7.

We hope the mystery around Samsung Galaxy S7 has been solved to some extent. The exact picture would be revealed at its release, and we would keep on updating the data provided us. For knowing more keep visiting.

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