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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Perfectionist

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Looking for a perfect high-end phone, then why don’t you wait for the beast Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to come out? Well, the release date of Note 5 is very near.

The upcoming Note 5 may carry the hardware that hasn’t appeared in any of the phones yet. Rather than all normal features, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may give something different. But above all, people are expecting a good display and camera. And in the camera, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (the recent phone) has done all right. The camera clicks absolutely right shot with all necessary details. Things change when we move to low-light situations. In these situations it is important that the sensor captures the maximum amount of light. The Galaxy S6 is relatively small pixels, so it relies on the lens f / 1.9 and stabilizer to capture all the light possible. Furthermore, when it detects a dark scene, night mode activates an automatic image processing specially. The results are interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 The Perfectionist

In cities or other situations where we lit areas along with more dark photos are quite spectacular. The streets of New York look fantastic. The stabilizer helps us to come out sharp but buildings long exposure makes any object or person moving out moved. Even in darker scenes S6 remains fairly good standard, showing enough noise in dim areas but generally creating perfectly usable images. Hope, to see it well in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well, and we are sure Samsung would definitely implement it in the Note 5, or may be in even better way.

 In camera, the manual mode you can force the ISO to lower values ​​and use long exposure to capture more light without increasing noise, but in most situations you’ll want to make the terminal and launch the photo without thinking, and luckily the S6 meets almost perfectly in such cases. Where did the S6’s failure to focus in low light? Focus is really difficult to get a person into a restaurant at night, for example, often had to resort to using the manual focus to take the picture. This takes some magic to set and I’d like to see Samsung improve it if possible, since other phone are not as troubled in these situations. And we are sure; Samsung would definitely come up with improvement in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

 To put all this in context, in a quick comparison between Edge and iPhone 6 Plus (which also carries stabilizer) we can see that overall the quality of night shots is very similar. The sizes of social network (Facebook, Twitter) differences are practically nil, since not usually appreciate the noise. Overlooking a larger, we see that the S6 shows more noise and often exposes the scenes a little more. In fact, in most night shots with the S6 is impossible to access the EXIF ​​data to see the values ​​of exposure and ISO, which leads me to believe that the smartphone for some type of “pixel binning” or combine several photos to achieve increased amount of light captured without noise fill all. And now Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera would be even better than S6 Edge.

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