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The Appropriate Mass Gainer For Achieving Your Goals

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Popularly known as “The Breakfast of Champions”, this supplement has earned quite a name in the bodybuilding community. A Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical company called Ciba, gave the name of this steroid as Dianabol. Though over-the-counter sales have stopped for a long time, it is still available for sale by underground research labs. A lot of bodybuilding supplements and steroids have been introduced in the market since then, but this steroid is still preferred by many as it has proven effects and is cheaper than most similar products in the market. It is a powerful anabolic steroid having androgenic properties known to promote muscle building and mass gain. It increases the glycogenesis and protein synthesis with the help of androgenic receptors. While similar other steroids give out the same traits, this supplement just does it faster and much better.

The Appropriate Mass Gainer For Achieving Your Goals

Probable side effects of this anabolic steroid

Like all other supplements and steroids this androgenic steroid also has some side effects, but it all depends on deciding how much you take and the intake cycle that you follow. Its side effects can however be avoided to a large extent and can easily be combat if certain recommendations and methods are followed for its use. But, firstly it is important to know the probable side effects which might occur from its use so that necessary safety measures can be taken to combat such problems. Supplementing with Dianabol will result in suppressing the natural testosterone production, which might lead to several problems if such levels remain low for a long period of time. So it is better to take the help of some exogenous testosterone when using this supplement, the only concern being to maintain the minimum level of testosterone in the body. Another major issue that might arise out of testosterone supplementation is that your testicle will lose their fullness and will atrophy. But once any of these supplements are discontinued it will again gradually return to its normal size. The most common side effects of this anabolic steroid worth mentioning are high blood pressure, increase in LDL Cholesterol, excess retention of water, decrease in HDL Cholesterol and Gynecomastia.

Proper method and timing of use of this anabolic drug

Because of its availability in capsule as well as powder form, this steroid is a common preference for first time steroid users. You can feel the effects of this supplement after using it with 25 to 30mg per day for a period of about 4 to 6 weeks. Advanced users prefer to take it at much higher doses of about 60 to 70mg but it is recommended not to take such high levels to avoid its pronounced side effects. Stacking this supplement with other steroids can help to reduce the severe effects of this anabolic steroid. The major factor is upon deciding how much you take to achieve your desired target. If you have never tried any of these androgenic steroids, it is necessary to proceed with caution in order to avoid your body’s blood pressure levels from shooting up.

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