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List of 10 best Android Apps which you should have in your Smartphones

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Today we are completely digitalized, our world is completely surrounded with digital services, digital shopping, digital learning, digital trading, digital games etc. and this is all made extremely easy through evolution of “apps”. Mostly every e-commerce company has its own app these days which provides the specific area e- solutions to their customers.

There are other social and non- social apps too which help people in their day to day life. In this article we are going to list some of the best android applications which you must have in your smartphones.

The Google Drive Suit

Google Drive is the safest place to keep your important files and documents. It comes in Android phones and gives 15 GB free space for all new users. If you need more data, you can buy anytime. You can save any of your MS Word, MS Excel, Power point files, photos. It is a complete package where you save any of your official as well as personal data. Thus, it really becomes easy for one to access all the things which are available at one place.


Duolingo is best if you want to learn different languages like French, German etc. It is good if you need a language translator for your content.

Google Play Music

Google play music is an awesome mobile application for the music lovers that enables you to play the stuff you want.


WhatsApp is known to almost everyone these days and it is really one of the best social networking applications. You can share any of your photos, contacts, geographical location, videos, audios with your contacts individually as well as on a group. It comes with a feature of WhatsApp calling through which you can easily call your abroad or long distance loved ones without any extra charge. It is just about your internet connectivity.


Newshunt is a special app for those who don’t get time to read newspapers. You can make use of this app while travelling to your office, in your lunch time or anywhere you want.

Word Web

Word Web is a dictionary application which everyone should have in their android apps.

Just Dial

It is an extremely useful app that provides all the information about anything in India. Be it your restaurants, hostels, cab service in any area, etc. You can even call the Just Dial executives in need who are 24×7 available.

Ola cabs

Ola Cabs has really gained much of popularity in metro cities. It offers you with the safe and affordable cab service at your desired place.

Word Lens

It is a wonderful application that translates languages through your phone camera. If you are visiting any country and you are not known to their local language it is really a problem. But with this app everything gets easy.

7 Minute Workout

Best app to keep yourself fit in the least time. It helps you remind of your fitness targets and accompanies you in achieving them. This app has really gained popularity these days.


LensKart is the most trusted app when it comes to shop eyewear. Be it your specs, contact lenses of any type LensKart is the best app as it is safe and provides quality service to its users at reasonable prices. It offers you products various brands that are superior in quality. You can get the Lenskart coupons and deals and save money while buying the products at your choice.

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