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Surf Faster With 5 Easy Tips

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Surfing is one of the popular water sports among the youth. There are two different types of surfers, one who enjoys it and one who takes it as a challenge. The sport is definitely thrilling and requires special tactics in order to beat the wave. Here are five easy tips for those who want to surf faster.

Surf Faster With 5 Easy Tips

Ride on a flat board: Surfing boards come in many shapes. If chasing others on a surfboard is your passion you must choose a flatter board. The rocker affects the turns and speed. The flat rockers actually assist to go down the wave whereas greater rockers make tighter turns easier. Wider board is better for the beginners to pick up small or weak waves easily.

Sanded or glossy: Boards can be two types, one is sanded and the other is gloss-finished. The first type allows the riders to ride fast. As the latter doesn’t hold any water it automatically slows down the speed of the riders. People have a different view about the swiftness of both the boards on a water surface. Bill Schoellkopf, a regular surfer admits that sanded board performs better on a displacement hull as there’s comparatively more hull pushing on the water. He suggests taking a gloss-finished board on a hydroplane.

Fin set up: There are five types of fin setups which start with a single fin and end with five fins. It allows the surfers to steer the board. Choose the right fin according to the wave as the fin can control your move on the board. Many skilled surfers go for a quad fin surfboard as it offers optimal speed.  Single fin is advisable for a novice surfer. Many surfboards come with three fins which are called Tri-fin.

Clear surfboard: You need to clear wax from the bottom of your surfboard. Other commonly found substances that also need to be removed are salt, sand, and dirt. You can clean the bottom with sand, any flat card, a hair dryer, or with eco-friendly cleaner.

Physical fitness: Like any other sports surfing also requires physical fitness. To generate speed you need to stretch and bend on the wave. Stretching helps you push upwards while the position of your arm assists you to achieve the balance. When you are on the board keep your eyes on the impending waves. To keep moving, you need to bend your knees. Surfing on a small wave needs some extra efforts and experienced surfers like Bill Schoellkopf doesn’t prefer small waves. They rather take surfing as a challenge and work hard to increase their speed.

An adrenaline rush-surfing is meant for the adventurous people who often go out with their surfing boards.  This exhilarating sport is immensely popular in the coastal areas but there are few things that a beginner needs to learn before joining the surfing club. Without any prior experience, one should not try surfing on a big sea. If you want to go for surfing in the next summer start practicing now. There are many videos that can help you to know the basics.

Bill Schoellkopf favorite water sport is surfing. He considers it as a stress buster and often goes out with his board. He writes about how to increase speed in his blogs which are considered very inspiring by the novice surfers.

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