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6 Fantastic Minimalist Interior Design Ideas Expected To Be Huge In 2017

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How did you used to improve the look of your home in the past? If the current explosion in the minimalist movement has taught us anything it’s that we don’t need to go overboard. If you’re skilled enough you can take a basic room and turn it into a work of art using a few tweaks.

6 Fantastic Minimalist Interior Design Ideas Expected To Be Huge In 2017

It’s unlikely you’ll know where to start if you don’t have much experience with minimalism, so we’ll touch on a few ideas you can steal. Not only will the interior design of your home be more impressive, but you’ll also benefit from all the things minimalism will introduce to your life.

Create Havens Of Tranquility

You would assume open plan spaces are popular with minimalists, but to be honest a huge percentage of the population love them. One thing that might be unique to the minimalism movement is the practice of including havens of tranquility inside the home. Although they’ll vary in the way they look, their purpose is still the same. It’s to allow people little nooks where they can slip away to relax when they don’t want to be surrounded by sound systems and massive TVs.

Bringing The Forest Indoors

Wooden flooring has been hugely popular for years, but there is something missing. They are always so shiny and polished compared to what you would ever see in nature. If you wanted to add a minimalist spin on things you could use textured timbers for a more realistic look. They’ll provide the rooms of your home with more warmth too. Textured timbers are actually making a big comeback at the moment in various different ways.

Shades Of Dark Green

Various shades of dark green is another thing we’ll see coming from the outdoors, which will add an extra touch of nature to your home. Midnight and dark blues are popular at the moment, but the swing to dark green is going to keep happening as we move well into 2017. It provides you with a great backdrop if you use any natural linen or tan leather in your home. You can use it to add depth to any room whether it’s large pieces of furniture or small decor items.

An Upholstered Headboard

In a minimalist home you’ll have less possessions, but the ones you do own should be of a higher quality. The one staple everyone will have in their home is a lovely bed, but they are about to change. Over the last few years they have been predicting upholstered headboards will take over in the bedroom because they’re so well received in fancy hotels. If you catch this trend as it’s slowly growing your bed will become an even bigger focal point than it is now.

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

There is one way to add more to each room without buying anything, but it will involve having lots of floor-to-ceilings windows. Once they’ve been installed you’ll be able to see all the beautiful things outside and it will look much nicer than the clutter you normally see. They don’t have to replace the entire wall in the rooms you spend time in. They will automatically make your rooms look bigger too, and you can hang more mirrors from your walls if you can’t afford too many windows.

Using Reclaimed Materials

Minimalism improves the lives of people who follow the practice, but it also has a big impact on the environment. If you don’t buy as many products it means there is less demand for them. Less factory chimneys are pumping out harmful toxins, less delivery vehicles are on the road, and less trees are chopped down. If you’re going to buy anything it’s always better if it’s secondhand, and nothing sticks out more at the moment than the gorgeous kitchen tables built from reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed materials is definitely ‘in’ right now.

The Trend Isn’t Going Away

The individual things we’ve talked about today are likely to be around for a while, but minimalism will be around for much longer. It’s been growing rapidly for years and people love it. Maybe if you steal a few interior design tips from them it might change your life for the better too. You don’t need to be a minimalist to use any of these ideas because they’ll look great in any home no matter where you live.

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