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Style your home like the bohemians

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If you are not well informed then you must be wondering what the famous bohemian style is all about and in fact, makes it bohemian. Well in an etymological point of view, bohemians are referred to the people who are the inhabitants or native of the kingdom of Bohemia, or anything that pertains to the culture and language over there. But in recent times it is rather commonly now as the unconventional lifestyle that people lead like a gipsy or a vagabond. Gipsies wander from place to place all their lives and thus accumulate a lot of things form the various cultures they come across. This gives them a rather exotic look.

The bohemian style can also be translated into interior styling. It is a mixture of everything. But you will find a few touches form the different cultures that they have come across in their life. When you are referencing to the vagabond type of lifestyle, you must be imagining that the house of bohemians must be quite laidback as they keep wandering from here to there. The house of a bohemian is not styled impeccably or is arranged in a neat manner. Their house is not perfect or impeccable or formal as they are not permanent. It is a bit shabby, yet chic; with a mishmash of casual, transient belongings. They have a few home decor items too.

The bohemian style is interchangeable which makes it a great option. You might want to live in a certain arrangement for a few days, and then change it when you feel bored fit easily. Given below are some permutations of the bohemian style that you can incorporate in your house.

Vintage bohemian

In this type of bohemian arrangement, vintage mid-century furniture is gathered in a casual manner in the living room. Even if your budget is small you can get a lot of good stuff from local vintage stores and also thrift stores. But the thing that makes the whole look more bohemian is the asymmetry of it all. Combined with the randomness of everything, like books stacked on a window sill or clothes hanging from hooks on the wall, everything looks very boho.

Industrial bohemian

This is a style which has a little bit of industrial touch to it. Things like a Moroccan pouffe, a variety of rugs like a long pile rug and even sectional rugs having round corners. All these can soften the room which is made of bricks, cement and steel fixtures and finishes. It can also be a mixture between the modern and the unconventional trends.

Country bohemian

This is the style that is quite accurate to its name. Everything is quite like the countryside along with cowboy hats and stuff. You can curl up on a nice porch swing that is made up of bent rattan. Singing folk songs with your guitar is most suitable in this setting.

Eclectic bohemian

In this style, you will see furniture from the different periods having different styles. The price ranges may vary for the different items, but the look is totally worth it.

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