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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: With Exynos 7422 Processor

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With the launch of Samsung Note 5, Samsung is going to set a new benchmark for the performance, as the new device would be powered with the 14nm scale manufactured, 7422 processor.

Already, in the Galaxy S6, Samsung has proved its metal. As the processor used is Exynos 7420 novelty – the best South Korean creation at the moment. Chipset created on 14-nanometer technology, which was previously only experimental. The processor consists of eight cores. Four of them belong to the type of Cortex-A53, and the rest – to the Cortex-A57. As a graphics accelerator enabled Mali T-760. In short, the fastest smartphone built components that cannot but rejoice. It feels good – all applications open on the unit faster than the cheaper competition. Thank for this need 3 GB of RAM LDPPR4, which is equal to the capacity of 3.2 GB / s (64 bit). And with this configuration, any type of app can run on the S6 and similarly, as Note 5 could have 4GB RAM then its performance would be even better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 With Exynos 7422 Processor

Galaxy S6 performance is good for gamers, they can be recalled that the graphics accelerator Mali always inferior to competitors, produced by the NVIDIA and Qualcomm. About the old days can be forgotten. Eight cores and the increased frequency of the accelerator did their job. If not increase the screen resolution; the result could be even better. Yes, with 2K-resolution display in the Note 5 we are expecting good results as well.

In the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, some problems are observed only in the benchmark Epic Citadel. Initially, the result was approximately 60 frames / s, which can only be described with the word “perfect”. But the re-start when the smartphone has a big number of applications was not so good. Walk through the castle has been going at a speed of 50 frames / sec, and most of the time hardly began FPS at all up to 30 frames / s (the processor has become overheated, causing its frequency was reduced). Roughly speaking, the best gamers to look towards products based on NVIDIA Tegra K1 – it is sharpened by the game with three-dimensional graphics. A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – a smartphone for every day, surprising speed with the rank and file applications and their appearance. And other improvements may appear with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Built-in battery, of Galaxy S6 Edge has a capacity of 2600 mAh. This is the maximum setting, which can only be expected in such a small device. With regular load full charge is enough for a full day. Video playback battery charge asks the next 11 hours. However, the battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is no more than the 3100 mAh which is even lesser to the Note 4, but can’t comment on the performance at the moment.

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