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Branding In The World Of Video Games

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Let’s face it. This is modern era we are living in. Many people are still missing important and good opportunities out of fear or simply because they lack inspiration to see those chances. Video games are considered as childish by many, but there is different kind of people. Those who see the chance, and they pursue it. Feel free to read on, and find out what is the middle ground between video games and marketing.

Why should I?

Common opinion is that this kind of entertainment is reserved just for kids and teenagers. Wrong. Although many people are playing at least one of those Facebook games, there are many more who love to lay back and relax. But, let us give proof. Tournaments are held for the past three years, and League of Legends and DotA 2 are on the lead when attendance matters. According to Forbes, in 2013. roughly about 32 million people saw the tournament in League of Legends. 32 million. Imagine business opportunities!

How to?

My first guess would be to make a sponsorship to one of the teams which are involved in tournament. It doesn’t have to be huge one, start local instead. Give as much as you can, and make sure that it is gaming equipment involved. Mouse pads are quite prone to damaging and are quite convenient for printing, so that might be good suggestion. Also, gamers are spending a lot of time at the computer, so giving them a few personalised drink bottles will prove to be useful.

Now what?

Your newly discovered team might not be Samsung White, but sponsorship will mean a lot to them. See what you can provide for them, and find middle ground between your possibilities and their demands. This type of promotion is good for local level, especially if your company has field of work which can be connected with this type of lifestyle. But, in case that you need huge mass of people to hear about you, I suggest buying ticket for one of those tournament finals.

I’m here, what should I do?

First thing would be to check with the officials whether is it allowed to promote yourself, or a permission is required. If you are allowed, again, keep your promotional products within circle of interest of a gamer. Hardware equipment is most common, but accessories such as laptop bags are really good as well. On the other hand, if it is not allowed, I like to use so called “accident marketing”. If you are wearing shirt with your logo on it, a lot of people will notice this. And if camera catches you, remember those 32 million viewers? Math is simple.


At the end I will be free to say that video games are much more than simple wasting of time. It requires dedication and investment of time and money. If you manage to get into this community, you will see how loyal and rewarding it may be. And who knows, maybe you will find your favorite video game.

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