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Sailing in Sunny Croatia

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There are several great places to go sailing in Croatia, and you will always discover new places every time you go out. Considering the beauty of the Croatian coast choosing where to go sailing may be a challenge to many. When you set out on planning your sailing expedition in Croatia you may consider using chartered boats. The charter in Croatia will help you organize your sailing schedule. You will be able to hire a boat for your desired sailing period. You will pick the boat or yacht, go on your expedition and return it to base when you get back.


Croatia is one of the top sailing destinations in Europe with over 1000 islands. You can however not visit all the islands at a go. In this article, we take a look at some destinations you should visit on your Croatian sailing trip.


It is said that Odysseus was detained for seven years by the nymph Calypso in one of the caves in MIjet. By sailing to this destination, you will get to see why he might have been hesitant to leave the island. It is one of the largest islands in Croatia as well as one of the most beautiful and highly visited on the Croatian coast. It is the home to pine forests, quaint little villages, vineyards and salt water lakes that are secluded.

MIjet will easily pass for the greenest of all islands in Croatia. It also boasts of red and white wine, fresh seafood, olives and a national park in the western part. It also has numerous sandy beaches that you may visit during your sailing trip.


If you are looking for a medieval feel on your sailing trip, then Korcula is one place you must visit. It features high walls and narrow streets that were designed to protect the small town from strong winds that you will experience when outside the walls.

The town has numerous restaurants, ice cream joints and a market where you can buy souvenirs to remember your sailing trip. You will also be lucky to attend the pirate-themed parties that are often organized in the town. If you are person who loves nightlife, the town offers a wonderful night experience, and you should sample some of the bars and clubs in the town.


Hvar gives Croatia a Monte Carlo feel. It’s known as an island where the famous and wealthy go to party. If you go sailing to Hvar in the summer, you are guaranteed non-stop parties and large crowds of party goers. During the day, you can take tours around the marble streets of the island. Do not forget to visit the fortress for a breathtaking view of the harbor. The view is even better in the in the evening, and you can take beautiful pictures of the sunset.

All beaches on the island can be easily reached from the old town. All the beaches have crystal clear waters and very warm during summer. Croatia has numerous sailing destinations you may visit. You should get in touch with your local tour operator to find information about sailing destinations along the Croatian coastline.

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