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How Will Breast Implants Change My Looks?

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Every woman who wants to get breast implants or who is going for breast augmentation surgery has this question in mind, “HOW WILL I LOOK AFTER GETTING BREAST IMPLANTS?”

For obvious reasons, breast augmentation is considered as an important and serious issue as many women feel that their appearance depends majorly upon their breast size. Starting to look like a playboy model does not happen just like that. Many women go under the knife every year to make their breasts look just like they want it to be seen. Some desire to increase the size of their breasts, while some want to decrease it. For the success of your surgery, you have to take adequate steps so as to understand and avoid possible issues.

As discussed earlier, it’s your decision to have either big breasts or to keep it small. This decision can affect your looks; you have to be conscious regarding this. You have to consult a good surgeon who could prove his worth through ample pictures of ‘before and after breast implants,’ which can help you in deciding the right size for yourself. You can take ideas from there, or you can take help from other sources on what will suit you best. There is one more way of doing this; you can try different sizes of implants at your home by putting on a bra and test them before the surgery. Click here if you want to consult right now regarding your best solutions before going under the knife.

How Will Breast Implants Change My Looks?

After deciding the particular size of the implants, the second most decisive point is, what kind of material and the shape of the implants you want to fill in your breasts. Your look or physical appearance is more likely to be affected by the material and the shape of implants you use.

Some of the materials that are used for breast augmentation are:-

Saline breast implants: First they are settled in the breasts and after that a solution called sterile salt-water solution is filled in them. These kinds of implants provide a uniform shape and compactness. If you want a uniformly shaped breast, you can opt for these implants. FDA approves silicone breast implants for augmentation in women who are 18 years old or more.

Gummy bear breast implants: Those who want to have sturdier implants can get these, as they provide more toughness than other time-honored silicon implants. As compared to other gel implants, Gummy bear breast implants are a little tapered off to the top and have more prolongation at the bottom.

Silicone breast implants: FDA approves silicone breast implants for augmentation in women who are 22 years old or more. If you want to get silicone implants, then there may be chances of repetitive visits to the plastic surgeon at regular intervals for checking the functioning of implants.

After the surgery, you may notice that your breast have become swollen or tight. This will happen for few months, say 4-6 weeks only, till then you have to be patient. After some time you will notice that they are getting better and you are achieving the desired results. There are no instant results in any plastic surgery; it takes time especially in the initial stages where the surgery-resultant swollen breasts will take a month to settle. You just have to follow the recommendations given by your surgeon.

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