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New Parents: Do you Really Need a Moses Basket

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When you plan to welcome your first baby, you do a lot of preparation. In these arrangements purchasing cribs, moses basket, and baby blankets are some important decisions. But many time new parents stay in a dilemma about this purchase. You may have similar doubts in your mind such as whether you really need a Moses basket or not? Our opinion goes in favor of buying it for your newborn and here are some reasons to support this opinion.

1. Safe and comfortable sleeping space

You want to have a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby, and a palm moses basket can provide that space easily. This basket is mostly covered from all the areas apart from the top and keeps the warmth inside the basket. It has abundance of space for your baby, where he has enough room to crawl and kick. There is no fear of your baby falling during sleep, and all the supporting walls come with padding that makes it comfortable in every way. Also, it gives comfortable sleeping experience to your child with of course a nice bedding.

2. Do not take much space

A moses basket does not take a lot of space but gives a comfortable separate place to your baby. It won’t even take a lot of extra space. This way, you can take care of your baby at night without disturbing your or baby’s sleep. This also means you do not have to worry about creating a separate room for your baby with multiple things like a baby alarm, decoration, and other things.

3. Lightweight makes it easy to move

A crib is never easy to move because of its heavy weight, whereas you don’t have to face this issue with Moses basket. This basket is very light in weight that comes with an easy to carry handle that allows you to take it easily from one place to other. If you want, you can even put your baby in the basket, and go for a stroll and cover a little distance.

4. Can be rested easily on floor and stand

The best thing about a Palm Moses Basket is that you can put it on a stand and floor both. If it is cold or you just want to make sure your baby is above the ground, you can get a stand, and put the basket on the stand. You just need to ensure that the stand comes with safety features so it can hold the basket firmly. And if you think your baby is hyperactive and resting the basket on stand is not a good idea, you can put it on floor without any issue as well.


This is true that initial cost of a Moses Basket could be a little heavy on your budget, but it surely provide you with many benefits that you may not get from other options. That is why every new parent should have it when welcoming their baby. As a new parent, you could have a great help with this small addition. So, if you have not made your mind until this time, now is the time to do so! Take a look at our collection of moses basket!

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