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How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned

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The rise in discussion around indoor air pollution has opened the issue of air ducts and their cleaning. Air duct cleaning has a potential that is yet to be discovered as information about it is in the early phases. While it’s not seen particularly effective in promoting overall health, it should be done in specific circumstances or conditions. Often times, it depends on the country and what kind of weather and germs the structure may have.

How Often Should Air Ducts Be CleanedWhen should you clean?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air ducts should be cleaned regularly and under certain conditions:

  • If there is a mold growth in the air ducts
  • Upon facing an infestation of vermin
  • Storage of excessive debris in the air ducts
  • Upon shedding of hair and dander from pets
  • When there is a water or smoke contamination
  • Upon construction of, or shifting to, a new home
  • After renovation of an existing building

On average, experts recommend that despite having none of the above conditions present, one should have their air ducts, especially the heating and cooling area, cleaned regularly every two to five years.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

Following are some benefits of air duct cleaning, as noted by the experts. Scientific evidence, however, does not show a direct relation between cleaning of air ducts on a regular basis with health.

  • Asthma is deeply aggravated by the presence of dust in the air. Dust stored in air ducts can escape in small quantities through heating and cooling areas, or in other ways. Despite the amount, it can prove to be lethal for an asthmatic patient.
  • Studies show that children are prone to be affected quicker by pollution than adults. The logic behind this is that children breathe faster, inhaling more air (per unit according to body weight). Furthermore, concentration of dust in air is higher on lower levels that match with heights of children.
  • Allergies caused by fungi and bacteria that infest through air ducts can be very harmful.
  • All respiratory diseases are at risk of increasing.
  • Heating and cooling areas face failure in systems where dirt and debris are present.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a millimeter of dirt on the heating or cooling area heating and cooling vancouver (coil) can decrease the efficiency dramatically.
  • Further tips

Here is some information to keep you safe from being scammed when professionals are called to clean the air ducts.

  • It is a costly procedure, so don’t readily accept offers that seem ‘cheaper.’
  • Beware of agents who scam in the name of mold growth, trying to scare you, when there might be none at all. Shine a flashlight and check it yourself.
  • It takes a few hours, definitely more than one.
  • Good cleaners use negative air machines imbibed with HEPA filters.

While making the decision of getting the air ducts cleaned, you should be careful and logical. Take advice from the above mentioned points. To know more, contact us right away!

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