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Nathan Kroll – The Musician Par Excellence

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Traditional music is far different from the contemporary music and the use of modern musical devices. But there was a classical musician, Nathan Kroll, who was in love of with musical instruments from the age of 4 years.

Nathan Kroll – The Musician Par Excellence

Musician, Producer & Businessman

The award-winning director of television documentaries, Nathan Kroll is a Julliard-trained violinist, successful film producer and the President and CEO of Current Studios who died recently at the age of 88 after a prolonged illness in Tarrytown, New York. At the age of 4 years, Nathan was mainly inspired by the street musician who was playing violin on the roadside. Nathan was given the paper cutout of the violin which he kept carefully till he was presented a small toy violin on his 5th birthday.

He started his lessons and learned violin at the age of 14 years. He learned the compositions at the Juilliard Graduate School. His musical skills were appreciated and under the guidance of Arthur Judson, Nathan started touring and displacing the musical skills. Later he became active and started broadcasting musical shows on radio and films. This was the phase when Kroll engaged in remunerative work. But due to World War II, he had to take a break from his work for some time.

Kroll established Current Studios – which produces TV commercials for the various consumer products, organizations, and personalities and also as a part of a commercial advertisement. The company always looked for the content which is of high quality and combined with the hard work of artists, technicians, experienced staff members along with animators, editors, and producers. Current Studios offers various type of work from advertisement to TV shows and to movies which were comfortably handled by the best directors along with highly interactive team members.

Nathan has handled many different projects while producing various films. As a successful producer, Kroll has made a film ‘A Dancer’s World’ on the work of Martha Graham, which turned to be an educational TV program. But one of his finest works which received the highest appreciation from the movie-lovers across the world was ”Pablo Casals Master Class series, which he produced in the year 1960.

Current Studios has become one of the technically advanced studios which can physical entities connecting digitally. The studio used most-modern technology, offered various techniques and software which can easily control the camera movements, lighting effects or editing options. It has become highly successful business center. It has also developed various advanced mobile apps and video games which are part of everyday life among young and old. The applications relating to healthcare has also become part of the Current Studios, which was a dream come true for Nathan.

Recently, Current Studios has won Auggie award and received recognition for its success and the services offered. The use of sophisticated technology and development of easily adoptable applications have become part of the success story of the business dreamed by Nathan Kroll. People will remember Nathan not only for his expertise in music but for his outstanding vision and business skulls which gave him all-around success.

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