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Muay Thai For Your Body Fitness

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The self-defense of Thailand is called Muay Thai. As martial arts or combat sports, Muay Thai is an effective self-defense technique. The goal of all these techniques is to distract an opponent enough to find a way to escape not to kill the enemy. Some martial arts are much better than others and are taught to their citizens to ensure self-defense.

Brief history

When Ayutthaya, the ancient capital city of Siam was sacked by the Burmese in the mid-18th century, Muay Thai history was lost. But the fighting style had already developed for centuries as tribes resettled from China’s plains through grasslands of Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Although the fundamental and the unsophisticated fighting-style was the same, tactics and techniques were improved, updated and  sharpened as it began to take root. From generations to the next, sons learned the techniques from their fathers and veteran fighters.

Muay Thai For Your Body Fitness

Muay Thai – The art of eight limbs

Muay Thai is also referred to as Art of Eight Limbs for its techniques based its defense from the eight points of the body as it mimics the weapons of war. The hands are mimicked as daggers and swords. Training hardened shins and forearms to serve like an armor to deflect blows. The elbows are like the heavy hammer or mace to make opponents fall. Legs and knees are equivalent to the axe. The body is acting or working as a single unit. During the struggle, the elbows and knees are always searching for an opening to throw the opponent to the ground as a symbol of victory.

Muay Thai for health

Sports, done regularly, go a long way to achieve a high level of fitness. Muay Thai is a sticker for health. It helps you to move faster, your muscles to be stronger and your body to be healthier provided you practice regularly. Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that is great for those who want weight loss exercises or an activity to shed a few pounds.

For health benefits, Muay Thai helps you in –

Increasing core strength

Core strength exercises toughen core muscles in your lower back, around your pelvis and your abdomen. By these conditioning defensive movements using strikes and exercises, your muscles are activated to stronger and higher core of performance.

Increasing leg strength

Trainees perform footwork drills and various types of kicks to improve and strengthen practically all muscles in the lower body. Leg drills increase endurance as well as agility, footwork and force production.

Increasing cardiovascular endurance

Like anaerobic and aerobic activity, this exercise stressed your cardiopulmonary systems. As a sport requirement, the body must undergo stress.

Enhance hip mobility

Hip mobility issue is encountered by people who do not exercise regularly or not MuayThai’s kneeing and kicking are ways to increase hip’s mobility.

Muay Thai camps

Camps are set to bring quality and authentic training in this self-defense technics. Camp training in Thailand at is opened for people of all levels. Now, the camp has become a home away from home for enthusiasts and professional athletes all over the world who comes not only for training but also for physical fitness, weight loss and for health.

Do Muay Thai as it is not only an invigorating and stimulating sport but helps in body fitness and weigh loss. As people know more about the sports, they understand the relevance to health benefits coming from its training. Muay Thai as a martial art prioritized primarily defense and the perfection of self.

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