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Pre – employment Personality Tests For Better Leadership Abilities

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It is quite important for organizations to conduct pre-employment personality tests when inducting new candidates in different positions lying vacant or when giving promotions to existing employees. Such tests definitely need to be on the priority list. The personality test scores can indeed say a lot about the candidates and help the management to make the right and well informed selection.

Pre - employment Personality Tests For Better Leadership Abilities

Know more about personality tests

It is by uncovering such benchmark or pre-employment test scores that the organization can use it to scientifically and quickly identify the applicants having the desired personality traits that will be deemed fit for the specific positions to be filled up. The fast way towards hiring executives in any position will be to hire those having work related qualities that are quite similar to the vacant positions lying in the organization.

Following are the benchmark or typical low, moderate or high behaviour or personality test scores that are generally checked by the management when scrutinizing candidates for any position.

High leadership personality test scores

  • Motivation towards earning incentive pay: The candidates are found to move towards making sales and earning high incentive pay or commissions.
  • Motivation towards follow-up with customers and prospects: It means excellent follow-up and to keep in control all dealings with prospective customers and customers.
  • Friendliness: The extrovert and smiling representative is likely to develop excellent rapport and to make better impressions upon potential clients.
  • Teamwork: Even though the reps are found to work on their own, within they tend to view sales work like that of teamwork & collaboration with co-workers, prospects and clients.
  • Poised reaction towards pressure: Under stress or pressure, the successful rep is one who does not complain, moan or whine. Rather, they behave as mature adults, moving forwards to accomplish their set goals and objectives.
  • Optimism: They do have in them the can-do attitude. They automatically and overwhelmingly focus on the solutions and not on the problems. Moreover, optimism is found to be contagious. It is their upbeat optimism which makes the customers to feel much more attractive towards becomes loyal to the organization.

Moderate test scores

  • Assertiveness: The top executives need to be moderately assertive and not laid back or passive. They also should not be pushy or aggressive. It is their moderate assertiveness which makes it easier to get along with customers and vendors.
  • Flexible to follow rules and procedures: The good executive is one who is flexible enough to follow the set procedures, rules and policies. They are aware what is possible by them and not to be offered to the customers. At times, they are to conjure up various types of solutions to problems faced by prospective customers. Hence, it is their flexibility that is said to help find win-win solutions. It results in increased success in customer conversion.

It is by using the pre-employment personality test with the customized benchmark test scores that can help to objectively and scientifically to work towards achieving the goals.

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