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“Microsoft Edge Has Potential To Stop Trolls On IE: Here’s Why”

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We all have seen many trolls on the Internet Explorer. However, no one ever said that the Microsoft Edge performs far better compared to the former IE of Microsoft. With the upgrade to Windows 10 on my laptop, I was not really satisfied with the performance of the Operating System on the whole. I personally feel Windows 8, 8.1 are better in terms of speed compared to W10. Windows 10, as I can see, is very carefully designed for design, but nothing else. Also, many users complain on the battery draining faster on Windows 10 running laptops. However, the battery backup in Windows 10 can be improved a little.

However, apart from the design, there’s this Microsoft Edge browser which has put an end to the former Internet Explorer. Microsoft is getting serious into the advancements in the technology by entering into the world of Augmented reality with Hololens & Artificial Intelligence with Cortana. I am amused by these two technological advancements and as a naïve user, I don’t really use them though.

But What I do use, sometimes, to test, is the Microsoft Edge. After looking at the several trolls on IE over the web, it occurred to me, to once test the Edge Browser in Windows 10. I am not really depressed with the Microsoft Edge browsers’ performance. Microsoft Edge browser seemed to perform far better compared to the former IE (which has been dumped by Microsoft L, no more trolls for us now unfortunately).

What’s Interesting In Microsoft Edge Browser?

Let us see what’s interesting in Microsoft Edge browser, which can therefore stop all the trolls.

New Interface

I liked the new interface of the Microsoft Edge browser. Interface is one of the key features that anyone would get a first impression with. Microsoft, for Windows 10 had focused more on design and has not given up with the interface to its browser either.

Distraction Free Reading Mode

Edge browser has this reading mode which will remove all the extra junk on the page like ads, widgets & any others apart from the main content. It might come in handy when you browse any magazine sites.

More Extensions

Chrome & Mozilla are most used and liked by the users all over the world, for their speed of course. But the other thing, are the extensions. Chrome & Mozilla web browsers have a number of extensions for the users to cope up with their needs.

Microsoft, this time with the Edge Browser is trying to get number of extensions for the users. In fact, it uses the same code as Chrome & Mozilla to make these extensions light, steady & compatible.

Make a Web Note

It is now very easy to highlight or mark a particular portion of content on a webpage using ‘Make a Web Note’ option available on Microsoft Edge browser. You just have to click on the ‘Editor’ like icon on the top right corner in the browser to get the options.

Responsive Scrolling & Navigation

I like this very much with Edge browser. I like it when the scrolling & navigation is responsive with some lighter animations. I don’t see them in Chrome and Edge has them, Yay..!

Final Word

As Microsoft uses Bing as its default search engine, you might not get the results on search as expected on Google. But, it does show the results in a better way (in some areas). Try searching for ‘Weather’ 😉 With not too many new improvements, Microsoft Edge has managed to be fast & smooth and in the coming generations, it can give a tough competition to the king Chrome Browser. Let us see what the future awaits for us.

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