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Jeeping Over The Canada: TOP Lifehacks To Put The Car In Order and Drive Comfortable

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Jeeping is a kind of traveling by car with the obstacle crossing. This is the extreme sport that is also borrowed by travellers to follow their touristic route by car. They prefer visiting dangerous areas, mountains, pitchy dark forests and mud locked roads. You shouldn’t have special skills for that. If you want to get real emotions, you may try.

The most popular routs for jeeping can be found in the North America and Canada. There are many  jeep rental locations in Canada all over the country. Jeep is the best car to travel from the city to city, from the national park to other natural zone. The USA and Canada are absolutely perfect countries for travelling. Everything welcomes you to make the trip comfortable: states, provinces, parking zones, road motels. There are many places in the country that are available to travel by car and only by car. You can pick the tour of different complicated level. All you need is having a strong desire to start jeeping and hire the right car in the right place.

Endless Possibilities

Be Prepared

You should make a plan of your trip and hire the car beforehand. You can save your money. If you decided to hire the car at the day of your trip, you will pay a lot. You know, it’s like booking tickets before and at the flight. The prices are different.

Where to Rent

If you could find the good and reliable rental partner, you can also catch a big sale and a guarantee of quality. The price usually starts with 30 USD. The rental rules you can read from the website.

Choosing Car

Try to find out what kind of car you need. It directly depends on your rout. If you are going to travel over the city and suburbs, you can pick the sedan car. Cabriolet is good only for the romantic trips for one night. The landscapes of mountains and forests look good from the windows of a good jeep.

Planning Trip

The beginning and the end of your route is better to link to the airport. The rental servicers work twenty-four-hour here. The price for rent must be cheaper if you will take and give back your car at the same place, or state. Plan your trip carefully. Thus, the most beautiful highway in Canada is Cabot Trail. It goes through the picturesque mountain landscapes. It is better to slow your car to drive safe.

Map Location Direction Location Remote Relax Concept

Car Insurance

The most of companies offer the low rental prices, including the car insurance. It is important to check the rental contract to know everything about the insurance.


The most of cars are equipped with GPS. It is very important and helpful in many cases. It is better to organize your travelling to go no more than 450-500 kilometers a day. Pay attention to the roads of Canada. The most of them are characterized with the original road marking. The marks and colors can be surprising. One of the most beautiful road marking you can see on the Montreal road. The modern artist Peter Gibson worked on the road marking in this area. It looks creative.

You can see the huge banners along the roads. They show you the destination that is left to take you to the nearest cafes, hotels, shops and other interesting touristic places. You can rarely meet the highway in the West Canada. The other roads need to have the speed limitations. If you can see the HOV road path, it means that this part of road is only available for cars with a driver and passengers.

Gallup New Mexico

Lifehacks to Make the Car Trip Comfortable

Headlight restoration using toothpaste

Therefore, you can restore the car headlights with the toothpaste if you haven’t any other cleaners on the go. Just never use a brush, bit a soft dusted. You have got the shiny and slippery headlights!

Cool hot air inside your car

If you need to cool and air the car salon, you should not use air conditioner. Just open the car window and open-shut the opposite door for several times. That’s it. The hot air is flying away through the window.

Free car phone mount is 30 seconds

If you need to make the phone mount in the car, you just need to make it of the pin and elastic. You can easily find the video how to do that correctly.

Plaster up the window scratches with your nail polish

You should polish the car window with your nail polish from the both sides. It helps to stop scratching until you can find the car repair service. Oh, the nail polish must be colorless to make the window look natural.

Watch the gas pump sign

If the car is new, you should learn it in the best way. Do you want to know where the gas pump in your car is? Just watch the gas pump sign. It always tell the truth.

Polish the car

You can easily polish the car with your hair conditioner. It is much better than the car wax.

Clean the car dashboard

You can clean the car dashboard with the coffee filter. It must be clean. You can also put the oil spot on it to provide easy polishing. The filter is soft and gentle to clean the car panel carefully.

Make your pizza to be always hot

This is a kind of pizza warmer. Just put your pizza on the heated car seat. It will stay warm until you make a stop to eat your pizza.

Marco Polo Pizza - Della Nonna QV AUD20

Vinegar and water windshield de-icer lifehack

Remember the proportions: 1 part of water and 2 parts of vinegar mix together. You can spray this liquid on the windshield to melt the ice. This is a kind of the first aid in a frosty day.

Plastic cereal container in the car

Of course, the car must be always clean. You can put the plastic cereal container in the car to make it the trash bin. It helps for some time.

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