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Inside The Limits Of Guwahati – Best Places To Visit

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Being situated on the river banks of Brahmaputra, Guwahati is a heaven for those who wish to spend every spare moment in the lap of nature. The magnificent Himalayan ranges and the well known Brahmaputra river lend a dazzling scene and the rich social foundation of the spot blend well to provide you with an exceptional experience, which will stay in your recollections until the end of time. Moreover, Guwahati is the very doorway to the beautiful northeast India.

Inside The Limits Of Guwahati - Best Places To Visit

There isn’t a dearth of tourist spots in Guwahati; neither will you find any shortage of entertainment spots here. You will see frequent Bangalore to Guwahati flights flying down to this naturally endowed town with people coming from afar just to spend days in the tranquil and sublime environs of this place. While on your visit to Guwahati, make a note of these major attractions here which you must cover so as to get closer to the culture and beauty of this place.

  1. Manas National Park

Manas National Park is a World Heritage Site and it got this status in the year 1985. Broadly alluded to as the main Tiger Reserve in Assam, the recreation center is home to different species including buffalo, elephants, sambar, langur, wild oxen and rhinos. This haven houses jeopardized species too. Some of the pretty bird population that can be spotted here include names like serpent hawks, hornbills, bulbuls, and robins. The ideal time to visit this park would be in the middle of October and April.

  1. Hajo

Hajo is an antiquated pilgrimage site, famous with Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists. The Hayagriba Madhava Temple with its goliath antiquated turtle is well known. Lord Buddha achieved Nirvana here and the sanctuary is said to house his relics. Muslim holy person Pir Giasuddin Aulia fabricated a mosque here which later came to be known as Pao-Mecca. There are some lesser known sanctuaries of Hajo such as that of Ganesha which was built in 1744 AD. The Kedareswara Temple, a Shiva sanctuary, has engraving on the temple demonstrating that it belongs to the Rajeswar Singha period.

  1. Sukreswar Temple

The Sukreswar sanctuary, situated at Sukreswar, is a brilliant temple structure devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple is renowned for housing the 6th Jyotirlinga of India. According to legends here, it is said that a man who performs post-demise ceremonies at the Sukreswar Temple will attain “moksha” or peace for the dead. Built by the Ahom King Pramatta Singha, in 1744, this sanctuary is accepted to be the spot where Sage Sukra dwelled and revered Lord Shiva.

  1. Brahmaputra River Cruise

The genuine rush and fun in visiting Guwahati lie in cruising through the sublime Brahmaputra. The glorious waterway courses through Guwahati separating the same into equal parts. Staggering views while on the journey will surely leave you entranced. This enthralling cruise makes sure that the guests on board are not short of anything, and therefore, your taste buds and your vision, both will be delighted surely.

Now if you are someone who flew all the way from the South from Bangalore to Guwahati, then don’t be surprised if, after spending days here, you completely forget how to reach Bangalore back; such is the charm that Guwahati spells onto its visitors. So, have a wonderful trip!  seo comapny in Ghaziabad

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