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6 Signs Your Partner Is Having An Affair

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In an ideal world, we would all be deliriously happy in our relationships and nobody else would get a look in. Sadly, in the real world, this is not always the case. Men and woman have had affairs since time immemorial. We start off all loved-up, but as time passes, kids come along and the pressures of life take their toll, it doesn’t take much for an attractive third party to catch our eye. Not everyone has affairs, but plenty of men and women do. They may also have a massage Montreal on a work trip and not bother telling you. So, if you are concerned about your partner’s fidelity, here are six signs they could be cheating on you right now.

6 Signs Your Partner Is Having An Affair

Change in Habits

People having affairs have to find the time to accommodate their new lover. They may start arriving home later or ‘working away’ more often. Cheaters also have a tendency to smarten up their appearance when they want to impress a new lover. New haircuts, new clothes, and a sudden desire to go to the gym: all of these behaviours are suspicious.

Secretive Behaviour

Be on the lookout for secretive behaviour. If your partner keeps disappearing outside to take phone calls, or is spending a lot of time Facebook messaging someone, ask them if there is a work issue you need to be aware of. Their reaction may yield some clues.

Chained to Technology

We are all guilty of spending way too much time on our smartphones, but most of us can leave it on the side when we go for a shower. Partners that refuse to put their smartphone down or add a passcode when previously they did not bother, could be trying to hide their lover’s communications.

A Lack of Sex

If your partner is having sex with someone else, they probably won’t want sex with you. This is especially the case if it is an emotional affair. People who are deep in an affair are 100% focused on their forbidden lover, so satisfying you is likely to be at the bottom of their ‘to-do’ list.

Conversely, there is an alternate reality, whereby your partner is so turned on by their extra-curricular activities that they want sex all the time. If this is the case, be very suspicious if your partner suddenly wants to try new things, or has learned a new technique you are pretty sure they didn’t pick up from reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Emotional Cold Shoulder

Is your partner acting cold towards you? Shutting down emotionally is a classic sign someone is having an affair. The love has gone and they do not want to be with you anymore, but they don’t have the guts to tell you yet.

A New Friend

Be very suspicious if your partner starts talking about a new friend or colleague (of the opposite sex) rather too much. It’s a sign that they are having an affair – or they would like to be.

Hopefully you can figure out what’s happening, but if you do discover your suspicions are correct, counselling might be able to save your relationship.

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