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Improving Car Performance with ECU Remapping

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Many car owners want to have more power for their cars or drive farther with the same amount of fuel in the tank. One simple way to improve the performance of our car is by remapping the ECU or engine control unit. This is a good way if we want to improve the performance of our car at reasonably low costs. The ECU uses specific programming codes to control different aspects of engine operations and fuel combustion. This performed with great precision and would require the use of specialized tools and equipments. This is important if we want to optimize the performance of our car from its most inner parts. Obviously, the performance of the car comes from the engine itself. Some car manufacturers employ a sneaky tactic of using the same engine for different performance levels.

For affordable cars, the engine will have moderate power settings, but tuned to higher torque and BHP on more expensive car models. This saves development costs and having to use different engine for each car model. With ECU remapping, it is possible for car owner to boost their car engine to its optimum settings. A proper ECU remap should be proven to work on our particular car model. There are different factors that can be enhanced depending on our driving style and what benefits we seek to achieve. As an example, some car owners may want higher fuel economy, while others prefer more horse power and torque. The technician will ask our preferences and use the right setup to improve our car engine.

A car with its ECU recently remapped for increased torque and power could experience smoother acceleration and sharper throttle responses. It will be safer to overtake a slow, lumbering truck on the highway and we could have an assertive car handling. Depending on the car model, we could get up to 35 percent of performance increase. ECU remapping could also be used to reduce CO2 emissions, lower fuel bulls and ensure easier driving. When we want to have a better fuel economy, the torque will be reduced and this reduces the need to change gear during a city driving. In turn, we would be able to lower emissions and fuel consumption. ECU remapping can improve fuel efficiency until up to 20 percent.

Turbo diesel cars can often gain dramatic improvements with ECU remap, while there is less potential for gasoline cars. However, the long-term benefits of ECU remap can be quite significant for normally aspirated cars. With latest techniques and equipments, ECU remapping should be easier and safer to do for cars. It is no longer necessary for technicians to physically tamper with any physical part of the car.

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