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How To Make Money Online from Classified Ad Marketing

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Jim wanted to make money without having an online website. Someone suggested him to opt for classified advertising. He wanted to give it a try as he had heard a lot about free classified ads online. After doing some research online, he learnt about classified ad websites and how they work. Jim got to know that when a visitor to the ad clicks on the affiliate link, they reach to the merchants’ website and if they buy products from the website, a commission is earned for that particular sale.

How To Make Money Online from Classified Ad Marketing
Now, Jim was confused about choosing the classified ad websites. Of course, he wanted to post classifieds on the sites that ranked well on Google and other search engines. If the website ranks well in Google, it means that you would be getting the traffic from classified website and along with that, you’ll get search engine traffic also. Some of the good classified ad websites are and

Before you get started with posting classifieds, you would need to choose the right set of keywords. Jim met an online marketer and he suggested Jim to choose keywords that are not very competitive. Jim was not convinced with it, but it makes no sense in competing with millions of other websites for getting your classified ad on the first page of Google. When you already know that there are millions of other competitors struggling to get on the Front page of Google, there are lesser chances that your classified would be able to rank well. Hence, choosing low competitive keywords is the key.

Online marketing expert shared a few more tips to help you with classified ad marketing:

1. Select the product

The first thing business owners should do is choosing a product you would like to promote. You cannot target all the products and services together. Hence, be wise to select the products you want to advertise.

2. Find the related keywords

Once you have selected the products, you should find relative keywords. Remember that you will have to place keywords in title and ad description of classified ad content.

3. Placing your ads wisely

There may be hundreds of free classified ad websites where you can post your ad and reach out to the audience. It is important to select the websites that are reliable and reputed. Place your ads wisely on such classified ad websites. You would need to use H1 tags and also place keywords in the ad copy. At the same time, one needs to make sure that the ad content is attractive and engaging for the readers. You will have to add affiliate links so that readers can click and land to the product page.

4. Social bookmarking

After placing your ad, you may add the link of some bookmarking websites as it will help to improve the rankings of your classified ad. You will be able to get backlinks also.

5. Last, but not the least

Remember that it is a numbers game when it comes to placing ads on classifieds websites – the more the better. You cannot post just one ad and wait for miracles; instead, you should post a number of ads and keep an eye on the rankings. Some ads may generate good results while some others may not. You can make the required changes as per your requirements and business objectives.

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