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How To Form Strong Relationships With Your Employees

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Most one of the most common challenges for employers is building trust with their employees. Trust that is established makes it easier to form strong relationships and create a harmonious office. When you want to build a relationship with your staff, there are a few important tips to follow.

How To Form Strong Relationships With Your Employees

Reward Accomplishments

Make it a point to take notice of your employees’ accomplishments and reward them, which will allow them to feel valued. You can plan award ceremonies every quarter or give an encouraging note with a gift card to certain employees that are working hard. Rewards will motivate the staff members and can increase their productivity.

Host Events

It’s important that you allow your employees to have a bit of fun in the office to break up their workday and alleviate stress or tension that they may be experiencing. You can add a pingpong table in the break room or take everyone out to lunch once a month. Hosting events throughout the year will also prove to be effective and will make it easier to make conversation that is less about business. Consider hosting a day at the beach or a local park and invite your employees’ family members to show your appreciation for their hard work. Hire a caterer to serve the food and encourage everyone to participate in an official cornhole game or a potato sack race.

Offer Raises

Raises and bonuses are necessary throughout the year to show your recognition for your employees’ dedication to the company. You can give raises with annual or semi-annual pay raises, to reward their proficiency, and if they’ve achieved specific goals. The individual can also have a pay increase if they’ve been able to save the company money or went above and beyond their expected job duties.


Many employees begin to lose trust in their superiors if they don’t feel like their employer communicates well or is looking out for them. Make it a point to warn the staff of changes that will be occurring in the near future or if they need to improve in certain areas. Schedule meetings where you can discuss their goals and accomplishments every quarter to stay on the same page.
Building trust is essential to create a productive environment where your employees will work hard. Once you earn their respect and form a relationship, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll remain loyal to the company.
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