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How To Jump Start a Hybrid Car

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Between rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, there are plenty of reasons why hybrid vehicles have gained in popularity. While owners of these sophisticated automobiles need to make normal decisions such as finding the best car wax, there are also specialized concerns that only apply to vehicles that run on a mixture of gas and battery power. For hybrid owners, a jump start can be a scary proposition, but there’s really nothing to fear. Here’s an easy guide on how to safely start your automobile if you ever find yourself stranded.

Locate the Correct Battery

Unlike traditional combustion engine cars, hybrid vehicles have two different batteries: a high-voltage cell that helps propel the car, and a standard 12-volt model to power the ignition system. The larger battery will normally be covered with warnings while the smaller component will look like the one under the hood of any gas-powered automobile. This second power cell is the one that gets jump-started and will sometimes be located in the trunk. In that case, the manufacturer will generally install jumper terminals in the engine compartment for the sake of convenience.

Connect the Cables 

No matter if you own a battery booster pack to perform your own jump starts or you rely on the assistance of a fellow motorist, the procedure will be largely similar. Pull the working vehicle up next to your car and make sure both engines are in a park or neutral with the handbrakes engaged. Run the red cable from the positive terminal in your car to the same post in the operative automobile. Connect the black cable to the negative terminal in the functional vehicle and the other end to an unpainted piece of metal in your engine compartment.

Start Your Engine

Begin the jump starting procedure by turning on the working car and letting the engine run for five or six minutes. Once the other vehicle warms up, try to start your automobile like normal. If it still won’t turn over, you might have a different problem that can only be diagnosed by a certified technician with an obd2 scanner.

Some Vehicles Can Jump Start Themselves 

While this jump starting procedure works with most hybrid cars, some models don’t require assistance from another motorist in the event of a dead battery. In 2017, Hyundai and Kia started installing a mechanism that draws energy from the main fuel cell to power the ignition system. It’s only a matter of pressing a button and your car can actually jump-start itself.

Stay Safe 

Now you know how to safely jump start your hybrid vehicle, you’ll be prepared to get back on the road in the event of a dead battery. You can also use this process in reverse to help other motorists in need, so always make sure you have a set of jumper cables in your car. When assisting another driver, make sure you run the wires out of your car’s 12-volt battery instead of the main power cell. If your own roadside assistance kit needs a cable set or other crucial supplies, make sure you buy them from a trusted retailer with associates who are able to answer questions.

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