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How To Handle Unemployment Period

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Many of the students of this generation running behind the employment advertisements, this generation facing huge unemployment problems due to several reasons. They have been studying for many years and aimed to get a good job as early as possible after the end of their education. But in reality only 10-15 percentage students getting placed in employment because of heavy completion and less job opportunities, unstable financial statuses of employable organizations. The students are also making mistakes by neglecting their skill improvement, there are many engineering, degree holders come out every year, but only a few of them getting the desired jobs, 30% of graduates are going for non related job roles and remaining still making trails to get a good job. So what they have to do mean while in unemployment period???

Be Positive

When you’re continuously applying for jobs not getting anything, then you mustn’t loose hope on your confidence. Don’t get confused and lose your confidence, just try to improve the skills you required more the job. Concentrate on improving  the skills and apply for various posts for time being.

Don’t Sit Idle

Most of the young people do this frequently, if they aren’t getting their education related job, then must apply for other slightly related jobs. By doing this you can at least get a Temporary job which helps to expand your job searching choice and contacts. This approach may add some experience which may or may not relevant to your career.

Add a New Skill Set

 While applying to jobs and attending the interviews you can also learn a new set of skills on your own or by joining somewhere, this can bring some extra advantage to your resume, which may help you with interviews.

Check Your Resume

Your resume may be one of reason why your not short listing for the interview process. Check your resume once, find some odd things out remove them. Ask your seniors, experts, job holders and get suggestions. Show your resume to some HRs and ask their opinions on how well your resume looking!

How To Handle Unemployment Period

Prepare Interview

Daily check some job portals, read the job holders interview, reviews, practice some old papers to improve your logical thinking and skill sets. Practice in front mirrors how to speak and  answer in interviews by questioning you or self. Try to improve your oral skills as well as body language.

Go Through Your Core Subjects

Once go through your core subjects, refer the books. Prepare some topics from the subjects, remember key concepts and points. Revise the definitions, terminologies, theoretical expression and formal developments.

Keep in Touch with Friends and Job Holders

Be in touch with your friends who got selected and working in companies, make calls to them ask some suggestions, vacancy details and upcoming their projects.

Participate in  Freelance Programs

 If anyone asks to help them in project works as a volunteer or freelance developer then participate in it. It may not help you to get paid, but it helps you to get some experience. Internships, voluntary project developments, government programs and occasional summits, all these kinds are help full in developing yourself. Some how it may help you to find a job or at least you can get some experience and expand your contacts circle.

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