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5 Hit Point Hobbies On A Resume

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This is a fun topic that I talk with candidates about. It is the small line of the CV which applicants may pay little attention yet, hobbies and leisure can sometimes prevent an application directly to end up in the trash. The reason: this particular line represents almost the only opportunity for an applicant to let her/him personality shine through, and that even before the interview.

It is advisable to indicate his hobbies at the end of the CV. The best thing is to choose, conveniently name three, maximum five. Each leisure will be accompanied by a description whose size will depend on the investment of the applicant in this activity. If he picks up an interview, applicants inform themselves on the news of his passions, because the recruiter may well turn the conversation to this topic at the end of the meeting. This is normally the opportunity for the latter to find the candidate in a different face than professional.

Sport – Proactive

The interpretation may vary from a recruiter to another, but the sport is almost always connoted positively, because it is usually associated with a healthy life in the collective imagination. Depending on the discipline practiced, sport also shows the qualities of tenacity and dynamism. Collective activities such as volleyball, football, basketball, etc. let predict that the candidate has the ability to work in teams. By cons, sports such as Thai boxing – too violent – or body building dampen some recruiters. A candidate who practice such as the marathon and registered his CV will tend to be perceived as a person enduring, persevering and able. Go after challenging projects. However, the recruiter will take care to check when the job interview that the applicant has indeed these qualities.

Theatre – Excellence by Activity

Whether it is music, singing or dancing, arts practice will almost always be seen as a sign of creativity and will be especially appreciated in cultural sectors. Beware, however, many owners of a digital device that call themselves photographers. Most of them do not have any technical knowledge and are unable to edit images Artistic activity par excellence. Especially for young people – is the theater, because it often provides the capabilities of taking the floor.

5 Hit Point Hobbies On A Resume

Video Games -Handled with Care

If there is a hobby that it is not necessary to indicate on your resume, those are the games. According to the coach, these activities have absolutely nothing original and show no interest in a profession often negative connotations. – Some of which represent the gamer as an antisocial person or autistic games, video tend to be more tolerated by recruiters.

Always Ready Scouts

Youth movements are an excellent addition to a CV, especially when it comes to young graduates. A Scout, especially if he was leader, will have the same ability to motivate people to take public speaking and organize. Plus his ability to coach kids. For the coach, the situation is similar: The followers of the youth movements have often adaptive qualities of taking initiative and responsibility. If these assets can be transferred in the professional sphere, that’s all profit for the employer!

Kitchen and Garden – Highly Rated

Among the popular hobbies on CV, there are also voluntary and charitable activities. This dedication will be generally appreciated by the recruiter – especially in the non-profit sector – which will then see the candidate, someone who can be interested in others, to give of his time… It must, however, the values ​​that emerge from volunteer activity (gardening, family…) appear to be more or less in line with those of the company for which the applicant is applying. That these hobbies are very positive on condition that they prevent or don’t limit the availability of professional candidates.

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