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How To Get Someone You Love Into Treatment

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Most drug addicts don’t realize how much they hurt others with their addiction, and if you are the person of someone that has a drug addiction, it can be hard to figure out how to help them.  Most people think that only way they can get people into treatment is if you want to do it but that is not the case while it doesn’t work every time, but sometimes when you force someone into treatment, they do well and stay clean.

How To Get Someone You Love Into Treatment


The first thing that you can do before you talk to the person that you want to enter treatment is to educate yourself on addiction and specifically their choice of drug addiction.  There are also support group out there like Al-Anon that can help you learn about addiction and can answer any questions that you have.


An intervention is a great tool to help you get the person’s attention to their actions and show them how they have affected everyone around them.  This can open their eyes, and it will get them to agree to go more than just trying to force them to go.

Have a Plan 

Don’t try to go into an intervention or any like that until you have a plan.  There is a lot of stuff that has to be in place before a person can go to treatment.  You have to find the right place for them to go, and you also have to consider financing the treatment.  You can pay for it yourself, or they can get financial help through the treatment facility or even through programs that help with financing.  You want to make sure everything is in place before you confront them about it so they can go to treatment right away.

What to Say 

If you do an intervention to get them to go to treatment, don’t blame them for everyone’s problems.  Each person can address their grieves them, but you want to talk to them in the first person and tell them how their addiction has affected you personally.

Don’t Judge Them 

One of the worst things you can do for the person that is an addict is to judge them.  You want to support them, and since you know everything about addiction because you did the research, you need to use that to understand what they are going through and reassure them that you only want to help.  And once they agree to go to treatment, don’t allow them to do one last time before treatment.

Put Your Foot Down 

Don’t let them threaten you with empty threats, take the tough love approach and tell them what you are offering and what will happen if they don’t go into treatment.  This may sound harsh but you know that they need help, and if they don’t follow through with treatment, you have to hold up your end of the bargain and cut ties with them no matter how hard it is to do.

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