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Why The “Shaming” Approach To Rehab Is Harmful To Naperville Addicts and What It Really Does

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Drug and Alcohol Addicts All Across the Nation: A Deadly and Serious Issue Indeed

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general is getting worse and worse as the years go by and the situation is only further exacerbated by the simple fact that drug substances are a heck of a lot more plentiful now than they ever used to be before, thanks in part to increased trafficking of such substances into the nation from countries like Mexico, and thanks in part to the simple fact that prescription drug abuse has increased by more than three-hundred percent since the turn of the century. This is terrible to hear for the state of Illinois; what they have done and are continuing to do is implementing their drug rehabilitation Illinois programs into each city in order to attempt to stop this drug-growing problem. For some context on it:

Why The Shaming Approach To Rehab Is Harmful To Naperville Addicts and What It Really Does

  • Perhaps one of the cruelest statistics of them all is the sheer numbers of individuals who die as a result of their substance abuses. Studies show that every year roughly 60,000 Americans die from alcohol abuse and about 20,000 die from drug abuse.
  • For some time now it has been thought that drug abuse trends with young adults have been going down. It is true that one or two small, inconsequential trends have been receding but for the most part substance abuse is actually getting much worse with the young adult population of United States.
  • For some time now it has been thought that the most concerning aspect of addiction was the deaths that occur as a result of this. While this is still a legitimate concern, what is truly the most concerning aspect of addiction now is the increase in popularity of drugs and alcohol. In the year 2000 there were 15 million drug and alcohol addicts in the nation, now just 15 years later there are over 25 million so addicted.

Why Shaming Does not Work

Addicts already have terribly low self-esteem to say the least.  In fact, it is though that these individuals amongst all others have the lowest self-esteem by far. This is probably pretty accurate as addiction itself causes individuals to have very, very low self-esteem by far.  With problems like these, it is doubtful if any kind of shaming or, “make them feel bad to get them to stop”, will actually work.

These individuals already feel very bad about what they are doing and it is doubtful that attempting to make them feel worse will actually do anything more than get them to a point where they just use more and more.  Instead, the best approach is to try to convince them to go to an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center and a drug rehabilitation Naperville program where they can actually get the help that they need to beat addiction once and for all.  A drug rehab Naperville has the tools to make them stop using.  Shaming them for using drugs and alcohol is not actually a tool, instead it is a catalyst to get them to use even more instead.

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