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How To Choose The Best One Between Magento And Shopify?

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When it comes to starting an online eCommerce business, there are a number of things that one should take into consideration. Among them, one of the most prominent decisions to make is choosing an eCommerce platform that can help in giving an undeniable success to your eCommerce website.

There are undoubtedly, a number of eCommerce solution providers that majorly offers simple and quick setup. Such two most popular platforms or the eCommerce solution providers are the Magento and Shopify. Both the platforms, Magento, and Shopify have specific advantages for particular types of projects. If you hire dedicated web developer, the selection of the most suitable eCommerce platform can be done easily. But still, you must have little bit of knowledge about the basic technicalities of these eCommerce platforms. As a result, here we are presenting some of the step-by-step helpful tips that can make your eCommerce platform selection easier, between Magento and Shopify. So here we go-

  • Shopify: It is generally said that “If you want good technical support/customer service and a strong community then choose Shopify.” Shopify is the most preferred eCommerce platform for the entry-level businesses. Various small retailers, as well as start-ups, can go with Shopify if they are looking for simple to setup and simple to use an eCommerce platform. If you have limited products or limited variants, the Shopify can prove to be a right choice for you.

    Being built on Ruby on Rails framework, the Shopify is popularly used by various small business enterprises and are quite simple as well as convenient to work with. Only one drawback with the Shopify is that there are no multi-store or multi-website options available for different countries. It can be said that even a geo-location based inventory is not possible on Shopify.

  • Magento: It is said that “If you are looking for a flexible and highly secure platform, then choose Magento.” Magento is considered one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platform and is leading choice for the sophisticated eCommerce websites. It comes with a number of great features and so it holds a record of over two million downloads.

    Also, it has a feature of customization but generally people does not prefer it as its user interface is not at all friendly and so it can be a challenging as well as tiring task. At some of the times, the Magento stores face the slow speed issue that requires a special Magento complaint host that can prove to be quite a costly affair.

    Besides that, Magento offers its users with multiple themes as well as multiple location support feature.

  • Shopify v/s Magento: Some of the most common differences that can be spotted between Shopify and Magento are listed below. Let us have a quick glance over that:

    Shopify: The Shopify is a popular eCommerce hosted platform that could enable the individuals as well as businesses in creating the online stores. It can be preferred for small scale online businesses.

    Magento: The Magento is a popular open source eCommerce web application. It can be preferred for the large-scale online businesses.

    Shopify: The Shopify is simple to use as well as manage for various non-technical users.

    Magento: The Magento being a powerful estore, is suitable for a more sophisticated user that needs more customized features. It generally comes with a complete manageable back-end that successfully keeps control on inventory, users as well as other eCommerce rules.

    Shopify: Shopify offers its users with cost-effective solutions and a complete integration.

    Magento: There are some of the costs involved with the set-up of Magento, its customization, and hosting. The total cost may of Magento may be more as compared to the Shopify, but still as it is flexible and can be used as per the business requirement, it is preferred above other eCommerce platforms.

    Shopify:The Shopify hosts almost all the information within a secured environment having a small amount of concern to the data integrity.

    Magento: The Magento has to be made secure by choosing right hosting accounts. The Magento regularly notifies with security patches that help to keep data secure.

    Shopify: In Shopify, there is no need to configure databases as it provides a hosted solution.

    Magento: Magento does have a smooth installation process, but one has to make sure that the hosting server supports the required elements.

Conclusion: With the trend of setting up online businesses, many business owners look forward to getting success during its initial phase itself. For that, they need to choose the most appropriate eCommerce platform that could be compatible with their business. So, with this post you must have got a clear idea as to which platform to choose between Magento and Shopify for your online business.

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