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How Many Types OF Phonics

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Phonics are basically an intermediate between letters and their pronunciation to form letter sounds and spelling patterns that ultimately helps in reading. The phonics instruction can probably be provided systematically. Phonics instruction includes several types and they are taught accordingly.

Phonics instruction is the essential aspect that helps children to learn read and write. Furthermore, it helps children hear, identify and use different sounds for different words in the English language. Parents and teachers should initiate the teaching of phonics in the early stage in their children and students lives such as preschool to 2nd grade or from age 3 to 8.
However, here are some types of phonics that are taught to children of preschool or kindergarten.

How Many Types OF Phonics

Analogy phonics

Familiarizing one word sound to another word sound so that children can recognize, understand and remember the particular sound. This can be taught by blending to similar sound of different words such as brick and kick where the sound comes “Ick” and jusp and stump wherein sound is “Ump”.

Analytic phonics

In analytic phonics, children learn to analyze the whole word and its sound wherein they notice the first letter or letters in the word. Also, they are taught to compare a sound pattern within the words. Analytical phonic method is basically a whole-word-recognition method.

Embedded phonics

Embedded phonics is another type of phonic instruction that is taught to children to learn the whole text reading. This is the more absolute way to teach the phonic and make children able to read a full text. It is not systematic and not all phonic elements are taught. This simply focus on what is need to be pronounced while reading a text.

Phonics through spelling

In this method, students are taught segment words into phonemes and to select letters for those phonemes. For instance, this is the method where students are instructed to read the words phonemically.

Synthetic phonics

It is one of the essential phonic instruction methods wherein students are taught to convert letters into sounds and then blend the sounds to form a recognizable word. This includes no guessing from pictures, initial letters, context or word shapes.

To sum it up, phonics are initial teaching method in order to influence the reading skill in children so that they can be expert in reading accurately and fast. The above-mentioned types of phonics are the helping components to enhance and qualify the reading skill.

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