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Google Upcoming Best Release Nexus 6

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In 2012 we have a tendency to had the Nexus four, then in 2013 the Nexus five and, on fifteen Gregorian calendar month 2014, the Nexus six. we won’t presumably be near to get a replacement Nexus seven, since that is already a pill, therefore we are going for brand new Nexus six 2015. It’s going to probably run automaton M, and be unveiled in Gregorian calendar month 2015 with a November 2015 on sale date. Whereas Google offered flagship specs with mid-range costs for the Nexus four and Nexus five, the Nexus six is a lot of pricey at £499. We are hoping Google can return to its excellent-value roots with the new Nexus six 2015, however we have a tendency to bring you all the rumors as we hear them.

Google Upcoming Best Release Nexus 6

The Nexus is usually one amongst the foremost anticipated launches of the year. In some aspects, even a lot of anticipated than the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note unveilings. Although, i feel a giant reason for that’s that we have a tendency to get a replacement version of automaton with the Nexus annually. We’ve had quite a few Nexus’ devices over the years. It started with the HTC Nexus One in early 2010, followed by the Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. Next up was LG with the Nexus four and Nexus five, and also the last Nexus smartphone was Motorola WHO created the Nexus six. We’ve conjointly seen some Nexus tablets together with the Nexus ten from Samsung, Nexus nine from HTC and Nexus seven from ASUS.

Naturally, we would assume consequent Nexus smartphone would be the Nexus seven, right? However wait, we’ve already had a Nexus seven, really we’ve had 2 of them. Therefore what might Google presumably name consequent Nexus? Well they may go the route of most different OEMs and do Nexus seven (2015). However boy that’d be confusing. Although Google has stopped doing the Nexus seven tablets, and affected to a nine-inch pill within the Nexus 9 from HTC. Maybe the Nexus six (2015)? A bit less confusing since the name wasn’t shared by 2 tablets. Google would possibly even begin with a completely new whole. Either way, Google must do one thing this year with the Nexus line, as so much as naming goes.

While we’re talking regarding the name without delay, I don’t assume several are progressing to care regarding the name of the device. However care a lot of regarding the device itself. Currently, Huawei is reported to be producing the device. That brings up an entire heap of red flags, particularly for folks within the North American country. After all, Huawei is funded by the Chinese government. And China isn’t precisely friends with the North American country. However let’s not get into that without delay.

Since its Huawei, a minimum of in keeping with the rumor mill, that’s making consequent Nexus. Perhaps it will be the Nexus Ascend? That would be the way for Google to figure in their partner’s whole at the side of the Nexus. Nexus Ascend, Nexus One M10, Nexus G4, etc. Though it’d get slightly messy and arduous to decipher the various generations.

We shouldn’t see consequent Nexus till later this fall. That is once Google usually unveils the redo of automaton and new Nexus devices. However, rumors and reports are showing North American country that we have a tendency to may even see one before that, which might be a 64-bit device. The Nexus six isn’t a 64-bit smartphone, because it is running the flower 805. Therefore you have got a 64-bit OS being showcased on a 32-bit device.

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