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Gift Ideas For Your Colleague

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While when we first start working, colleagues usually make us feel uncomfortable. But when they resign, the chair next to us feels empty. They slowly become an important part of our lives. If you have that one colleague who became your friend, and now works for another company, here are some gift ideas you can send them.

A picture collage – You too might have often hanged out after office hours and must have had many memories. And when pictures and selfies have become such a trend, it is difficult to return home without clicking a few. So take out the prints of all those pictures, turn it into a collage, and when you send online gifts to Pakistan, attach the collage together as well.

A tie – Even if the job and the company changes, the tie remains the same. He will have to wear it wherever he goes to work. So how about sending across a tie as a gift? It will not only cost you less but your friend will remember you every time he wears it to work.

Gift Ideas For Your Colleague

A coffee mug – This may sound cliché but sometimes you really run out of ideas for gifts (and money too!) This is when a simple gift comes to your rescue, like the coffee mug. You can get it personalized with a picture of your colleague or one in which you both are together.

A laptop cover – A professional person uses laptop on a daily basis. And the size of the laptop cover also is usually same for all. So just choose a laptop cover online, of a theme that may interest him. If he is into sports, send a sports themed cover. Similarly, you can send across a phone cover too. It is always best to get these personalized, though.

A pen – Of course, we do not mean a regular pen which you use to do your day to day calculations. A luxury pen is a great gift if you can afford it. A parker pen is common as a gift for colleagues.

A side bag – an office bag is also a great idea. Nowadays, new and smart varieties of office bags have come in the market. You can gift a good leather bag for office use to your colleague.

A table accessory – A table accessory can include many things. This may be a globe, a table clock, a calendar, a pen holder and a lot more. These are the things to are of use to a working person and can make for useful gifts.

A box of sweets – Why not?! if he likes sweets, then it is a perfect gift to send. See to it about which sweets he likes in particular and then you can send across a box of the same. Chocolates are usually liked by all but they become a clichéd gift. So find out his favourite sweets instead.

Now that sending gifts to Pakistan has become so easy, all you need to think of is the gift, not the way to send it.

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